X Factor USA: InTENsity give a Footloose performance!

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The X Factor’s biggest group, the ensemble of ten teenage singers called InTENsity was thrown together from a bunch of rejected solo singers in the boot camp stage of the competition. If we were going to be uncharitable, we’d suggest that the group are a hodge-podge of random personalities and don’t gel together at all.

But that would be a complete lie.

While you wouldn’t expect them to sound like anything other than a hastily arranged school choir, the truth is that InTENsity are actually really good. No, they’re not on a par with category-mates the Stereo Hogzz, but there’s an energy and sense of fun in this group that’s going to appeal to the teen market.

The girls and boys performed a mashup of the ridiculously infectuous Clapping Song and the theme to Footloose. The two songs mesh really well, and there’s plenty of material to give the strongest vocalists a spot to shine. Not all the vocals were spot on, but that doesn’t seem to matter much for this group, because it feels like we’re at a party with them.

And again, Paula Abdul did a fantastic job with choreography.

LA Reid commented that the group have gelled really well together, while Simon Cowell calls them a ‘music miracle’ and dubs them “the new young Glee”. More praise for Paula Abdul’s creative direction.

Are you a fan of InTENsity – tell us what you thought of their performance in the comments below!

by Gerard McGarry on October 26th, 2011

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