Why Was Paula Abdul Fired From The X Factor?

The world is still in shock that Paula Abdul has also been “let go” from The X Factor. Though she was “too soft,” doesn’t America love the chemistry between Simon Cowell and Abdul? Oh wait, that was completely missing from The X Factor.

Paula released a statement kind of explaining her departure to Us Weekly: “I’ve learned through my longevity in this industry that business decisions often times override personal considerations.” We’re going to translate this to “The X Factor producers firing me doesn’t mean there’s any personal beef between Simon and I.”

In all reality, this decision should not be a surprise in any way. Why you ask? We’ve concluded six major reasons:

1. The groups were the first to go! Perhaps things went on behind the scenes that we didn’t see. Paula wasn’t doing something right to shape her groups into the acts they should be. Each group was talented in their own way and at least one should have made it into the top five.

2. She couldn’t handle the pressure! Countless times Paula was in tears mumbling about how someone was a ray of light or how dreams never end. That is absolutely useful criticism and inspiration (or not).

3. Paula never had Simon’s back when she needed to. Often Paula was voting against Simon and unlike in the past, her mean jabs at Simon didn’t seem playful- they were simply mean.

4. Though America initially blamed Nicole Scherzinger for Rachel Crowe’s elimination, Paula was the one who told her to put it into deadlock. Despite this being the correct decision to make (a.k.a. let America decide), the entire situation did not put The X Factor in a good light.

5. Sitting next to Nicole Scherzigner may have made Paula look a little more sane and useful, but in all reality she rarely delivered advice that helped the contestants. It’s not American Idol where they need one person to say encouraging things, it’s The X Factor.

6. Does anyone care about Paula anymore? She’s had a string of failures since American Idol, this was suppose to be her big comeback. Even after all is said and done, just as few people are interested in her career.

Will you miss Paula, Nicole and Steve Jones on The X Factor?

by Melissa Warner on February 2nd, 2012

Melissa is Unreality TV's X Factor USA expert, bringing you all the gossip on the contestants and religiously recapping their performances each week! You can follow her on Twitter and on Google+

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5 thoughts on “Why Was Paula Abdul Fired From The X Factor?

  1. Poor Paula. Honestly, I thought she did a brilliant job choreographing her acts and guiding them. I don’t blame her at all for the elimination of the acts, because I honestly believe that America wasn’t ready to see groups in an Idol-style competition. According to Stacy Francis this week, Abdul worked ridiculous hours trying to refine her acts.

    Even in the UK, this is the first year a group have won. We used to talk about the ‘curse of the groups’, because they’re harder to establish – more potential for bad harmonies and dancing.

    I think Simon Cowell took a big gamble on the ‘chemistry’ between him and Paula and as you say, that was absent this year. And again, you hit the nail on the head about her place on the panel – she was often overemotional and her comments didn’t have any relevance. Much the same as Nicole Scherzinger. The X Factor didn’t have the most solid first season, so maybe the sweeping changes are necessary, but why do I get the impression that Cowell will focus on fake drama rather than improving the performances on stage?

  2. Melissa says:

    I hope not! The drama was completely unbearable.. and I am convinced that it was also fake this year. Well, so Nicole could have attention.

  3. Silvio says:

    Well, I think the day Simon will give useful constructive criticism is just as far away as the day Paula is considered sober. His comments range from “I like you” to “I dislike” or maybe the occasional “you’re overproduced”, statements which can be given by just about anyone with two working ears. In my opinion, the reason Paula got fired is because the US XF bombed, and Simon threw all the dead weight away.

    The program(me) bombed because there wasn’t any talent. And it bombed because the judges are severely under-trained. In order to judge singers which are meant to be current, you need current (or maybe even older) singers who have made it. I remember Lady Gaga’s one day on AI. She was astonishingly good. From an artistic and technical point of view. That’s how you judge, by having a background.

    Which is why I attribute more credibility to AI and a helluva lot more to the Voice. If Simon wants a better XF, he ought to fire himself too.

    1. Hi Silvio! I think I disagree on lack of talent. Josh Krajcik was amazing, but hamstrung by the limitations of the X Factor format. Astro – a divisive character by all accounts – could write AND rap, and Stereo Hogzz would have been a fantastic group given half a chance. There were others who were rough diamonds – like Stacy Francis and Lakoda Rayne who needed some time to find their voices, but perhaps the artictic direction was lacking from the mentors?

      Either way, I think Simon Cowell’s focus has shifted away from making a talent competition to making an all-encompassing entertainment programme. I’m not sure that#s what we want to watch though – bloated, scripted to the point of boringness, bland shows.

      1. Silvio says:

        Hi Gerard!

        You are absolutely right about Josh. He slipped my mind. But I have strong reservations about the others, including the ever-so-bland winner. I must have heard one Melanie Amaro per season of Idol. Her best moment was when she cracked and started speaking in tongues.

        I hope hey get better judges and producers for the second season. I ain’t holding my breath though.

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