Who Shined At the Pittsburgh American Idol Auditions?

Pittsburgh saved the day! After Savannah’s less-than-exciting auditions, I was honestly concerned for this season of American Idol. However, Pittsburgh delivered talent in overwhelming amounts! As I sat here thinking about who I loved tonight, it wasn’t painful to choose from the list of featured talent. Instead, I found myself feeling bad I had to leave people out.

Just who out-shined the others in Pittsburgh?

Heejun Hun- I was absolutely sure he would be a joke. Before walking in to face the judges he nearly freaked out and lost all confidence. He was quiet and almost stuttering and tripping over his words when he did talk. I thought his accent would sound just like our West African hopeful from Savannah. However, he delivered! Heejun’s rendition of Michael Bolton’s “How Am I Suppose to Live Without You” was beautiful and touching. It pains me to say.. Better than the original!

Reed Grimm

Reed Grimm- the Milwaukee Brewers nearly made it to the World Series, The University of Wisconsin made it to the Rose Bowl, the Green Bay Packers had a great season and Miss Wisconsin won the Miss American pageant.. Is it time Wisconsin won American Idol, too? Reed may be from a small Wisconsin town few have heard of, but his talent is loud and bold. His audition song is memorable enough because he chose the Family Matters theme song out of every song in the world to sign. He put a jazz spin on it and left everyone in awe.

Erica Van Pett- When anyone hears the words “wedding singer” they expect some good karaoke. Erica’s been wasting her time as a DJ and wedding singer! This girl has some pipes. Her voice is beautiful and she seems very personable. If she doesn’t crack under the pressure, I think she could go far compared to everyone we’ve seen so far. I would go as far to say she sounds very much like Kelly Clarkson.

Chase Likens- Chase slipped past us when we saw a brief performance from this country crooner. He’s no Scotty McCreery, but he’s easily comparable to Keith Urban.

Travis Orlando

Travis Orlando- Yes, I hate that he has a sob story, but he has talent. If he went far on his sob story I’d be okay with it because he can sing. Last year he didn’t make it to Hollywood, but he focused on his song, came back and proved he can grow.

Who are you loving from the Pittsburgh auditions?

by Melissa Warner on January 20th, 2012

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