Where Are They Now: American Idol Season 10

American Idol’s tenth season was one of the hardest to watch because the majority of the top 13 deserved the contract and $1 million prize. Today, most of the top 13 are where they should be- comfortably sitting on top of recording contracts. Compared to other seasons, the American Idol class of 2011 has the most contestants signed to record labels. As of January 2012 the total count is eight out of the 13. Completely unheard of.

Scotty McCreery- The winner of American Idol has left future contestants with big shoes to fill. Not only did he win the competition with a finale that drew in the largest number of viewers, but his album “Clear as Day” is officially certified platinum. He is one of the only Idol alumni to reach number one on the Billboard charts as well.

Lauren Alaina- As runner-up, it’s only natural that Lauren Alaina would be right behind Scotty as a rising star. Just after she lost American Idol, RCA snatched her up and released “Wildflower” in October. Since she’s had two successful singles and is touring with Jason Aldean.

Haley Reinhart- Interscope, the label behind American Idol, signed Haley after she was voted off in third place. She announced via Twitter that her album is complete and the first single will be released March 1.

James Durbin- Though the label is less well-known than RCA or Interscope, James signed to Wind-Up Records. His album “Memories of a Beautiful Disaster” was released in November. He’s currently on tour promoting his debut release.

Casey Abrams- The jazz crooner just signed two weeks ago with Concord Records, Paul McCartney’s label. He’s also been busy recording songs with Haley and Stefano for fun.

Pia Toscano- Pia was one of the more shocking eliminations of last season, but her music career’s done nothing but flourish. Almost immediately upon being eliminated she was signed to Interscope and promoting her first single “This Time.” She’s currently working on her album.

Stefano Langone- Stefano just signed with Hollywood Records, the force behind such teen dreams as Demi Lovato, Miley Cyrus and Jesse McCartney.

Naima Adedapo- The latest contestant to sign a deal is Naima. She joined Peak Records, best known for work with Sinead O’Connor.

Paul McDonald- The indie hipster of the group never stopped recording music after elimination. Though he’s not signed to a major label, he used the opportunity as a platform to introduce the world to his band The Grand Magnolias. He married Twilight star Nikki Reed over the summer, giving him an opportunity to support his own music. The pair even wrote a song together.

Ashthon Jones- Ashthon tweets that she’s working on music, but there’s no word who is sponsoring the tunes.

Thia Meglia- Thia is often forgotten, but according to Twitter she still loves music and is pursuing her dream.

Karen Rodriguez- Karen is on Twitter discussing her interest in music, but there’s also no word if she’s still pursuing a recording contract.

Jacob Lusk- Jacob’s been spotted around Los Angeles sharing his R&B voice with locals, but there’s no word if he’s planning an album in the future or not.

by Melissa Warner on January 31st, 2012

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