Wedding bells for the Cougar Town finale?

Jules and Grayson in Cougar Town

Once upon a time, Cougar Town was supposed to be about a divorced 40-something rediscovering her sexuality and sleeping with men half her age. Of course, fans of the show know that Jules (Courteney Cox) quickly tumbled into a relationship with neighbour and local bar owner Grayson (Josh Hopkins).

Well, the series is going to continue its theme of veering sharply away from whatever original pitch Bill Lawrence sent to ABC: it seems that for the Season 3 finale, Jules and Grayson will be getting married. And considering the season began with their engagement, having a wedding for the couple seems to be the most sensible way to end the season.

Cougar Town co-creator Kevin Biegel explains:

Bill and I did not want to do the, ‘Will they or won’t they’ thing. We wanted to do a real adult relationship with two people who make sense together. So the third season starts with Jules and Grayson getting engaged, and it ends with them getting married.

And word has it that the wedding episode is about to go into production. Of course, our sharp-eyed Spoilerville readers will have spotted an obvious flaw here – Cougar Town’s third season is still ‘delayed’. And according to what we’re hearing, it’s unlikely to air until March time. And with the number of episodes this season reduced from 22 to 15, fans of the sitcom have every reason to be concerned about its future.

Biegel and Lawrence have just taken the highly unusual move of taking the third season ‘on the road’ with unofficial Cougar Town viewing parties to drum up support for the show’s eventual relaunch. As a fan of the show, it feels like the writing’s most definitely on the wall for Jules and the gang. If it is to be cancelled, then a wedding episode would be a great point to end it (especially given Bill Lawrence’s well-publicised dislike of the title).

by Gerard McGarry on January 10th, 2012

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