TV Spoilers blitz: Bitten, Lost Girl, Being Human finale!

bitten finale

Happy Friday!

Can you believe we are finally here TV lovers? Monday night is the season finale of Bitten and Lost Girl, and series finale of Being Human. It’s set to be a dramatic evening over on SyFy and we’re thinking that you don’t want to miss a minute of the action.

Let’s have a look at what’s to come and what’s ahead as three of our favourite supernatural dramas come to a close.

Watch out for the spoilers!


· First on Bitten, Elena and the Pack make a final stand when the Mutts attack the mansion.

Watch a sneak peek below, to see some of Elena’s intense fighting skills. You can also watch a clip from episode 12, when Elena learns the real reason why Clay bit Elena, which turned her into a werewolf.


Ready – Sneak Peek

No doubt about it, Elena is a badass.

The Truth Comes Out – Clip

Elena learns what REALLY happened when she was originally turned into a werewolf.

being human finale


· On the series finale of Being Human, Sally makes a major sacrifice to keep her two roommates from killing each other, a move that will change all of the roommates’ lives forever.

Check out a sneak peek of this explosive finale. You can also watch an inside look and clip from episode 12.

There Goes The Neighborhood, Part III – Sneak Peek

We’re already tearing up watching this sneak peek from the series finale of Being Human.

Episode 12 – Inside Being Human

The cast of Being Human reveals their thoughts on episode 12’s storyline.

The Good Son – Clip

Aidan realizes that all good things must come to an end and kills Kenny.

lost girl finale


· Lastly, on Lost Girl, Bo makes a hard decision when an unthinkable sacrifice is the only thing that can stop a supreme evil from destroying the world.

Catch the sneak peek; Bo gives Dyson a daunting mission.

Dark Horse – Sneak Peek

Bo puts her faith in Dyson to protect the world from ruins.

by Lisa on April 4th, 2014

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  1. Lee Mun Lim says:

    Good riddance being human they shouldnt have followed the Uk version so closely oh well what could have been

  2. Lee Mun Lim says:

    If only they didnt follow the UK version so closely it would have been excellent Josh needed Julia not the blonde. so much potential down the drain

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