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Fifth Harmony sing Anything Could Happen, duet with Demi Lovato X Factor USA final
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The X Factor USA 2012: Fifth Harmony From Underdogs to “The One to Beat”

fifth harmony x factor finale

Fifth Harmony deserves to win The X Factor USA this season, and tonight proved it.

The biggest problem for these girls all season has easily been confidence. The judges “supported” them, but in no way compared to other acts. However, after a surprise entry to the finale it seems they finally have the support from all four judges who recognize that they do have talent. I’ve never seen these girl perform so confidently, and it happened just at the right time.

The girls first took stage with “Anything Goes” as their song of the season. This song was really their turning point. Tonight they brought a tea party back to life on stage and made everyone feel a little magical inside- even L.A. Reid.

  • L.A. Reid: I don’t know what you did Simon, but I swear the first time I saw them as a group I thought it could never work. Now I’m looking at them and it’s magical. I don’t know what to say. The bad news is you were the underdogs and now you’re the ones to beat.
  • Britney Spears: It’s the best song choice.. it’s spectacular, girly and fun.
  • Demi Lovato: You guys are so powerful together. I hope America pulls through and votes for you guys. You’ve worked so hard and I’m impressed.
  • L.A. Reid: I believe they’re a group. I don’t believe they met on The X Factor.
  • Simon Cowell: You have made me so proud tonight girl. It’s worked because these girls made it happen. I like sometimes being the underdog.

demi lovato and fifth harmony at the x factor finale

The girls returned again with a duet starring Demi Lovato. They appropriately sang “Give Your Heart a Break,” the song that honestly feels like it was wrote for these girls. I have to take a moment to say that Demi Lovato proved tonight exactly why she’s a mentor on this show. Not only did she step back and let these girls shine with HER hit, but she actually sang really well on national television. She may be young, but she’s really quite talented herself.

Demi had nothing but good things to say about singing with The X Factor’s girl group. “It was so much fun. These girls are so easy to work. They are so down to earth. So sweet. I love you guys.”

Simon Cowell had to suck up his pride as well. “It pains me to say this, but Demi Lovato you were sensational. That is what I call pop perfection what just happened. Any time you want to join this group Demi.”

Simon Cowell with his pride and joy, Fifth Harmony.

Simon Cowell with his pride and joy, Fifth Harmony.

The girls gave America one last impression before it was time to vote with The Beatles’ classic “Let it Be.” As much as I love Fifth Harmony, I had my doubts. No one should ever take on a Beatles song because they’re classics. However, as L.A. pointed out these girls “did it justice.” They were harmonizing well and added their own respectful spin to the song.

  • L.A. Reid: You are like magic happening before our eyes.. that was beautiful.
  • Britney Spears: You guys have truly blossomed as a group and you’ve come a long way. that was great.
  • Demi Lovato: It just hit me how much you’ve grown and evolved. I’m really, really proud of you.
  • Simon Cowell: I am more than proud. You’re not a group. You’re five great singers. It’s important to remember that. I like all three contestants, but I truly believe that you deserve to win this competition.

Did you vote for Fifth Harmony to win The X Factor USA?

by Melissa Warner on December 20th, 2012

Melissa is Unreality TV's X Factor USA expert, bringing you all the gossip on the contestants and religiously recapping their performances each week! You can follow her on Twitter and on Google+

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3 thoughts on “The X Factor USA 2012: Fifth Harmony From Underdogs to “The One to Beat”

  1. RC says:

    No I did not vote for them and I don’t think that they should win. Although if anyone needs the help of the show to make it it’s them so maybe this is why they should win. Tate doesn’t need the show to be successful and get signed. Carly needs the show an itsy bit but I think with the right ppl behind her she will be just fine.

  2. Did they change up the beginning of Fifth Harmony’s Anything Can Happen? Because it felt a little bit more dynamic and interesting that the first time they performed that song.

    Again, I felt the duet with Demi was a bit of a shoutfest. I get the feeling they were either overcome with nerves on this one or they just didn’t have enough time to rehearse. Though it was good to see what excatly Demi Lovato does – since I don’t spend my time hanging out on the Disney channel!

  3. Mac says:

    Fifth Harmony gave the best performances last night. They were fun to watch and sounded great. All 3 were great but Anything Could Happen is like Magic. Amazing these girls have only been together since the end of boot camp. I did feel bad for Carly with the drunk Rimes, that was sad but she pulled through it nicely. I guess it helped already being a professional broadway singer, and being able to improvise. I guess the show couldn’t find a replacement for the duet that late in the game. Carly has a wonderful voice suited to ballads and musicals. If Tate can write his own songs he might make it in the country business, although he will need song work on his stage presence. I wish him luck in his career. The underdogs so to speak 5H are the winners in my book.

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