The Walking Dead spoilers: I Ain’t A Judas

The Walking Dead: I Ain't A Judas

Is your head still reeling from the surprise ending to The Walking Dead‘s Home episode? Ours too. What started off being a fairly subdued episode turned into a massacre as a certain one-eyed psychopath decided to take revenge on Rick’s dwindling band of survivors. And what was most surprising was how vicious and effective the attack was.

Yes, R.I.P. that slightly creepy prisoner dude whose name I couldn’t be bothered to remember. (A quick search reveals Axel was the victim of the attack.)

Right, so The Governor’s surprise attack on the prison caught many of the residents off guard. Rick, who was wandering in the wilderness, and Glenn who was absent because he was intent on mounting his own revenge attack. Axel certainly wasn’t expecting to be ventilated, especially after being so flirty with Carol. And nobody could have predicted that Daryl and Merle would return to save Rick’s life.

So what’s next? Well, we’re hoping that the shock of what happened will shake Rick out of his worrying hallucinations, but the recently released teaser video shows that Hershel is still having trouble getting him to focus on the matters in hand. Even Carl tells his father to consider stepping down as leader.

And of course, we have the visitor that absolutely no-one wanted: Merle Dixon. Merle’s sneer right after saving Rick was so repugnant that you know his presence in the prison is going to divide loyalties. First casualty: Carol tells Daryl that his brother is no good for him. Which is absolutely correct. But Merle says something to Hershel that might prove he’s the right guy to be defending the prison at this time. Watch this teaser video:

Now, Merle might have been giving Hershel the ugly, unvarnished truth here – but how many other people have had the insight into just how twisted and mercenary The Governor really is? Merle is a mean, evil piece of redneck crap, but he’s arguably the best tooled to prepare Rick’s group to fight against The Governor. Could there be a real reason for the group to keep Merle around? And if they do, how will that play out with Glenn and Maggie?

Finally, here’s an extended clip of the scene where Carl tells Rick that he might need to step down and rest for a while. The question is – is Rick actually capable of relinquishing control of the group? And if he did, who is the best person to lead them?

The Walking Dead continues next Sunday, February 24 with I Ain’t A Judas.

by Gerard McGarry on February 18th, 2013

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