The Walking Dead spoilers: Episode 10, ‘Home’ – teaser video

Walking Dead: Merle and Daryl Dixon are without a 'Home'

Fresh from the midseason premiere of The Walking Dead, The Suicide King, the next episode of our favourite zombie slaying drama is called Home. But you know who doesn’t currently have a ‘home’? Redneck brothers Merle and Daryl Dixon.

Norman Reedus - Daryl - The Walking DeadAfter escaping The Governor’s wrath in Woodbury, returning to the prison with Rick and the others wasn’t an option for Merle and Daryl. Mostly because Merle is a dangerous, obnoxious, racist piece of crap.

The latest promo video for Home shows the brothers aimlessly wandering in the woods. It shows Daryl wanting to take a more circumspect approach, finding safe haven in some nearby empty houses, while Merle wants to continue on. Naturally, Merle mocks his brother’s far more timid behaviour, chiding him for becoming soft from his time with Rick’s crew.

Another promo for Home shows more detail – two men fend off a zombie attack from the back of a flatbed truck on a bridge. And it looks like Merle and Daryl may be nearby also. But if our repeated viewings of the scene are correct, it’s not anybody we readily recognize – not Rick or Glenn. Could it be the two guys who were part of Tyrese’s group?

Michonne - Walking Dead 'Home' Episode

Rick’s leadership will continue to be on shaky ground as we once again see Hershel trying to reason with the haunted, hallucinating sheriff. Glenn seems to be leading a mini-rebellion, by suggesting that they hold the prison while Hershel wants to go somewhere far from The Governor and his psychotic need for revenge.

In another part of the clip, Glenn seems to be saying to Michonne that the two of them “could end this tonight”. Does that mean that the pair of them – both of whom have legitimate axes to grind with The Governor – are planning a final assault on Woodbury?

And who is Daryl protecting when he tells Merle to “let them go”?

One thing’s for sure, expect Andrea to be making a return visit to the prison any day now – if not in this episode, then in ‘I Ain’t A Judas‘. The Governor confides to Milton that he doesn’t trust her anymore. But whether he’s sending her there as a test of her loyalty – to sell out her old friends – or exiling her for not fully supporting him, has yet to be revealed.

Finally…here’s an exclusive picture of Rick Grimes enjoying a romantic picnic with Lori in a field…

Rick Grimes - Andrew Lincoln - Walking Dead

by Gerard McGarry on February 15th, 2013

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