The Walking Dead Season 3 spoilers – Arrow On The Doorpost

David Morrisey as The Governor on The Walking Dead

We don’t like it. After a solo outing with Michonne and Carl, Rick Grimes is set for a sit-down meeting with The Governor in The Walking Dead‘s Arrow On The Doorpost episode.

Three new teaser videos have been released for the next episode of The Walking Dead, and they show Rick, Hershel and Daryl in preparation for a meeting with The Governor. And while early indications are that Rick wants a truce between the two groups of survivors, it looks like The Governor may have a more deadly intention.

Let’s take a look at the first clip – it’s the one that aired at the end of Clear. It shows Rick around a table with The Governor and Andrea. We’re assuming that Andrea must have brokered the deal, since she’s been in contact with both groups. And Rick seems to be feeling double-crossed: Phillip tells him he’s here for one thing only – Rick’s group’s surrender, to which Rick rages at Andrea: “You told me he was willing to talk!”

Uh-oh! So not only is Rick’s back to the wall, but down in the prison, Merle has almost convinced Glenn that the time is right to strike on The Governor and kill him. How can this pan out? Either Merle and Glenn will attack Woodbury on their own, or Rick will have worked out a deal with the Governor which the impetuous duo will royally screw up. What do you think?

The other clips show Daryl, Hershel and Rick getting ready for their meet-up. They’re seen scouting for a neutral place to meet, but it looks like the gang have learned not to trust The Governor. They’re thoroughly vetting the area beforehand, and while Hershel guards the car with a rifle and a lot of extra firepower strapped to his leg. There’s not a word of dialogue in this clip, but plenty of tension:

In the second clip, Rick meets the Governor. And while he raises his hands to show that he’s unarmed, there’s something in the quickness of the gesture that’s faintly menacing as well.

On one hand, both leaders have lost men in the fighting between their groups. Sure, any dealings Rick has had with Woodbury have been to rescue his people, and The Governor is not known for treating strangers well. Unless they’re attractive blondes. And The Governor has taken retribution right up to the door of the prison, killing Axel and wreaking havoc with their defences. Based on that, I’d like to think that both men can accept their losses and find a way forward: but would you prefer the status quo of the two groups living apart, or should Rick’s company move to Woodbury?

How do you see this next episode of The Walking Dead working out? We’d love to hear your speculation in the comments!

by Gerard McGarry on March 6th, 2013

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