The Voice's Beverly McClellan's Partner is "Her Life"

Beverly McClellan is one of the many contestants seeking the ultimate prize on NBC’s The Voice. The singer is openly gay and happy with her girlfriend who she says is “her heart.”

McClellan is one of three contestants on the show who are openly gay and have included their partners through the competition thus far. Vicci Martinez and Nakia also find it important to have the support with them during the stressful competition.

“NBC has been entirely non-judgmental and supportive of everyone’s individuality,” McClellan told She magazine. “My girlfriend is my best friend, my lover, my heart. I can never thank her enough.”

Recently McClellan spoke candidly about her relationship to where she admitted that no career is more important than her relationship. However,  most importantly she’d never pretend to be someone she’s not by denying her partner. “She’s my every day. I would never deny her,“ she said. “I don’t live like that. She is my life. It was a no-brainer for me. I’m going to live who I am.”

by Melissa Warner on June 22nd, 2011

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