The Voice Wins on The Audition Front. Hands Down.

The second night of The Voice’s blind auditions are well behind us, and let’s face it- American Idol has some competition this season! If it’s one thing The Voice has right it’s the audition process. In comparison, the auditions are quite easily the biggest difference between The Voice, American Idol and The X Factor.

The Voice outshines the others with auditions because the performers are more involved with auditions than with the other shows. Just how do the other shows compare?

1. Some performers are personally invited by Carson Daly. It’s like when you use to watch people win Publisher’s Clearing House on TV. There’s a bit of excitement and anticipation- we all know they’re going to make it to the blind auditions, but they have no idea. Every episode features just enough invitations that it’s not overdone. The X Factor and American Idol hold open auditions only.

2. The performers can use instruments to truly show their talent. This makes some of the performers stand out. Though instruments are allowed on American Idol and The X Factor, these auditions are few and far between.

3. Each episode features just enough auditions to keep you interested without feeling overwhelmed. At the end of the episode you can remember everyone. American Idol tries to pack as many auditions as possible into each episode showing you just seconds of some. The X Factor is similar.

4. The “bad” auditions are not used as a platform to make fun of people. The coaches give helpful advice so singers continue to pursue their dreams. American Idol and The X Factor judges are not afraid to straight out tell someone they are horrible- and often they aren’t kind about it. Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler try, but the editing team turns it into a way to “get viewers” leaving some people a complete joke. Let’s also note that The Voice does not have auditions like Magic Cyclopes who is not there on a serious note at all.

5. Watching each artist, good or bad, is like watching an actual performance. The song is long enough that you can get involved and decide if you connect to the artist or not. The X Factor has longer auditions than American Idol, but you still don’t have time to connect with the artist. American Idol only allows a cappella auditions, so you also do not connect in the same way.

6. Instead of being pushed into a group, when more than one coach picks an artist the artist has control as to who will coach them. American Idol is n/a for this point, but The X Factor does not give the talent the choice because they are grouped by demographic, not talent.

7. The crowd is big enough that it’s like performing on a live show, but also small enough that it feels intimate. Simon Cowell wants The X Factor to be massive, so the crowd watching in stadiums is 5,000 plus. The Voice proves this is almost too massive.

8. The Voice judges spend more time fighting with each other than actually fighting for artists on their group. As a viewer there is nothing more annoying than egotistical judges who want attention for themselves, not the talent on the show. The X Factor had the same problem (hence why nearly everyone was “let go” from the show), and the judges promised it wouldn’t be that bad on The Voice this year- we’ll see in time. So far this is furthest from the truth for Christina Aguilera and Adam Levine (What do you really expect from two divas though).

9. Every artist gets an equal opportunity on The Voice to tell their story. On The X Factor and American Idol there are always a few contestants who are just thrown into the auditions that don’t have a sob story, so they don’t get to sway your opinion on them.

So far The Voice is getting better ratings than American Idol, but let’s keep in mind.. The Voice is competing against Modern Family or 30 Rock and Parks and Recreation.

by Melissa Warner on February 7th, 2012

Melissa is Unreality TV's X Factor USA expert, bringing you all the gossip on the contestants and religiously recapping their performances each week! You can follow her on Twitter and on Google+

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