The Voice: Trevin Hunte Goes Back to Safety with a Whitney Houston Ballad

Trevin Hunte is more dangerous than ever now. Up ’til last week he had been giving us power ballad after power ballad and leaving some of us wanting something different. He gave us that and proved that he can do something more upbeat and current. Will he go back to the big bad ballads this week?

CeeLo says he’s happy for Trevin and his success. Tonight he’s singing The Greatest Love of All by Whitney Houston. Sigh. Trevin believes that the song speaks to him and his confidence issues. He really wants to be able to help his family with his music, because music is always there for him no matter what he’s going through. CeeLo can relate to him and the two really seem to have bonded. He wants to show people that they can be bigger and better than their situation in life.

Watch again: Trevin sings How Am I Supposed To Live Without You on The Voice.

The Performance

Well, what do you expect really? We’ve heard Trevin do ballads several times. Heck, we’ve even heard him do Whitney Houston already. So, it’s the same as those performances. His voice is technically fantastic. The high notes aren’t strained or uncertain, he’s got a great range and the song has no inherent problems. It’s just really disappointing to see him going back to this. He was just breaking free from this kind of thing and he’s gone back to what he’s safe with. I don’t know, maybe it’s because he doesn’t really seem like he’s having much fun with it, but it just doesn’t entertain me at all. But technically? Nailed it.

What Do the Coaches Have to Say?

  • Christina Aguilera – Great job as usual. You are one of those vocalists who can do it all.
  • Blake Shelton – First of all, you’re an amazing singer and from what I gather you’re a good dude too. You gotta do all kinds of things on this show but I think this song was more in your wheelhouse. You’re the guy we gotta figure out how to beat.
  • Adam Levine – I really hope that when I die and hopefully I go to Heaven, that this is Heaven. Trevin singing in a sparkly outfit and Paul Merkovitch (sp?) playing piano. You just blew us away, another excellent job.
  • CeeLo Green – I’m very proud of you, what a wonderful performance. I’m certain that Miss Whitney would be proud. I’m truly indebted. What’s the sweetest thing about you is the humility that you practice. You could be not so cool to be around if you took yourself more seriously – I’m amazed at the humility you show.

by Carrie Grosvenor on November 27th, 2012

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3 thoughts on “The Voice: Trevin Hunte Goes Back to Safety with a Whitney Houston Ballad

  1. Niamani says:

    I think you have the best voice and greatest potential to touch many lives with your beautiful VOICE!! You should win…you already have..

  2. RC says:

    Awful song choice… did he pick it or Blake? Nice guy but I feel like it’s his time to go along with Melanie.

  3. I agree with RC – Trevin isn’t bringing anything original to The Voice at this point, he’s simply playing it safe and sticking to soul. I don’t know if anyone here remembers the George Benson original. That was a beautiful version of the song, sang subtly and it always makes me emotional. Trevin’s version was a touch overblown and lost that connection, but he was on point. He’s a good singer, but not holding my interest.

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