The Voice: Nicholas David Sings Marvin Gaye. Holy Buckets!

Team CeeLo is crazy-strong this season, and Nicholas David is a major reason why. He can sing just about anything, but last week’s performance of Lean On Me reduced his coach to tears and gave the rest of us a real lift. I can hardly wait to hear what he’ll be singing tonight!

And… it’s What’s Going On by Marvin Gaye! That’ll do nicely. He says that last week was awesome, and we see CeeLo talking about Bill Withers again. Nicholas and his wife are expecting their third child. Aw, congrats! Why, look who’s joining them in rehearsal? It’s Bill Withers. Holy Buckets! Last week’s performance moved him enough to come down and visit. So awesome. Nick is singing What’s Going On by the way, and Mr. Withers has some advice for him during rehearsal.

Watch again: Nicholas David’s battle round performance with Todd Kessler

The Performance

I kind of feel like I’m repeating myself whenever Nicholas is performing. He’s just so darn good it’s tough to come up with new and better adjectives. Tonight he’s rocking the keyboard and sunglasses. The song is perfect for him – the richness of his voice and the depth of his delivery fit seamlessly. It’s like watching some kind of Twilight Zone Motown special. I love this guy – is there anything he can’t sing? His joy in what he’s doing is positively contagious. You can’t listen to this and not groove along with him.

Coaches? Your Opinions Please

  • Blake Shelton – I learn new things about you all the time. I didn’t realize until this week that you’re blind (because of the shades, get it?). Every week you come out and do something amazing.
  • Adam Levine – You’re doing like every song every week is my dream song, obviously you have amazing taste. I just love how you entertain us with these soulful songs, I’m going to be a fan forever.
  • CeeLo Green – I love you so much. Music is to imitate life and encourage the living. It’s very serious times we’re living in and what would we be without music and its healing property. We need more of that healing so America vote for this man.

You heard the coach. Vote for this man.

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by Carrie Grosvenor on November 27th, 2012

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One thought on “The Voice: Nicholas David Sings Marvin Gaye. Holy Buckets!

  1. Wow. Solid performance this week. It’s like a lot of the Voice contestants are finding their sweet spot and that’s leading to better performances. Nicholas David is no exception. His soul songs are on the money every time, and he brings something different to – for example – Trevin Hunte – who is trotting out uninspired R&B vocals each week.

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