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Melanie Martinez - Too Close - The Voice Season 3 (Video)
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The Voice: Melanie Martinez Brings the Foot Tambourine Back

Many fans didn’t expect to see Melanie Martinez make it this far into the competition, but she put herself out there and did something different with Seven Nation Army last week and apparently it worked. She really needs to keep pushing herself outside of her quiet comfort zone though, if she wants to keep going.

Watch again: Melanie Martinez covers Seven Nation Army

Carson reminds us that Melanie is still in high school, and she says that she doesn’t want to go back to a regular teenage life. Tonight she’s singing Too Close by Alex Clare, and she says that she feels like the song relates to her current situation, because she’s in the middle of a break up. Adam says that his entire first album was a break up record, and encourages her to harness that energy. Then he says that he can be like her big brother if she wants him to kick someone’s ass for her. Aw. He tells her to “Melanie-ize” the song, and to be the Melanie that we all fell in love with. She wants to make Adam proud.

The Performance

Heh, Carson intros her with, “From Team Big Brother…” Nice set up here – she’s playing guitar surrounded by the band. She starts off with her usual quiet sound, but it’s projecting better somehow. Maybe NBC ponied up for better equipment. Oh, she’s got the little foot tambourine thing going too. This is nice – the music is haunting and her voice fits perfectly. It’s not a high energy performance, but that’s not really a surprise. Melanie hasn’t been my favourite performer thus far but this is a good vehicle for her to shine, and shine she does. Her best performance so far, methinks.

And the Coaches Say…

  • Blake Shelton – Your voice, it just melts me. You’re one of my favourites but I’m so glad to see you back with the tambourine. I don’t care what anybody says, that’s cool. You’re always good I don’t have anything brilliant to say.
  • Christina Aguilera – Oh Blake, what else is new. That was dope, I really really liked that staging. It didn’t really go anywhere, but I think that was my favourite performance from you so far. (Ouch!)
  • CeeLo Green – Such a cool set! I want to compliment Adam – these new arrangements really showcase the cool qualities of the voice that you have. It was a great rendition of a cool record, a current record, and you made it your own.
  • Adam Levine – When you’re going through a break up, the dramatic things, the point is you want to make the person feel dumb for not being with you and you did that, because I’ll bet he feels like an idiot tonight. The way that you do things is just so well thought out and I love how you present yourself – there’s so much currency in that. I love what you do so much.

by Carrie Grosvenor on November 27th, 2012

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8 thoughts on “The Voice: Melanie Martinez Brings the Foot Tambourine Back

  1. RC says:

    She has overstayed her welcome. I’m so over the hush hush vocals, the baby doll look, the hair bow/bows in the hair and the overhypeness by the judges. This girl should of been gone weeks ago or at least 2 weeks ago. She isnt dreadful but she is not as unique as some make her out to be and she is not the only unique singer ever been on the show apparently last season doesnt exist in the judges minds cuz they are forgetting 1 or 2 last season. Really hope even the iTunes votes cant save her.

    1. grace says:

      You’re crazy, she’s amazing

  2. I love everything about Melanie. But I’m a little worried that he style is too niche to last much longer in the competition.

    As far as I’m concerned she hasn’t given a single bad performance. I love that husky, breathy vocal that she excels at, and this performance had all the drama of a Lana Del Rey song, but without the pretentiousness that Del Rey brings. Very nice.

  3. Amanda Harlow says:

    She seriously needs to go. How can they keep her and get rid of the others left??? Same stupid little voice every song- the hair and bows??? Really????

    1. RC says:

      Seems there is at least 1 person here that strongly disagrees with us Amanda LOL and they aren’t a guy :P. But hey it’s all good if we all had the same view pts and liked the same ppl then this be a pretty boring place now wouldnt it haha.

  4. RC says:

    That’s your view pt. I respect your right to have that view.

  5. Bmancan says:

    Definitely overrated, cannot believe she’s still here. It’s hilarious when she sings with other competitors…sounds like a serious smokers voice. LOL. Idiot America saving based on cute factor? Must be.

  6. Banana says:

    I don’t get how people can like her voice. Seriously, I mean, look at Trevin and Amanda and Cassadee. THEY have talent. Melanie’s songs doesn’t have climaxes, nor her voice anything great about. She shouldn’t even have made it past the blinds.

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