The Voice: Meet Katrina Parker

The quirky girl is the new “it” girl thanks to Zooey Deschanel. The Voice’s Katrina Parker is definitely one of these fun, personable but slightly out there forces in music. Last night the world was introduced to Katrina, a hand selected invite from Carson Daly. No one could imagine that single handedly Katrina could make us long for our Joan Osbourne CDs from 1996, only to find ourselves so disappointed the version isn’t as beautiful and soulful as Katrina’s. Good news for Team Adam, Katrina is already making an impression.



Just who is Katrina Parker?

As an administrative assistant for an insurance company, Katrina’s just started singing again after a two-year hiatus. In 2009 she began recording her first album, but put it on hold due to health problems. Inspectors found mold in her home that caused illness for two years. Now that she’s strong enough, Katrina is back chasing her dream.

Dolly Parton is listed as Katrina’s biggest influence, and this is seen through her style and sound. Check out the free download of “The Rainbow Connection” available on her website. “This song is precious (like unicorns frolicking with puppies precious), and I’ve always wanted to cover it,” she said on her website. Yes, she also loves unicorns.

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by Melissa Warner on February 15th, 2012

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