The Voice: Jesse Campbell Underperforms "Halo"

Jesse Campbell was the victim of a bad song choice tonight on The Voice. Every week the Team Christina member has been the leading vocalist, but her assignment of Beyonce’s “Halo” was a bit off. Though the judges thought his performance was nearly perfect, Jesse seemed to lack a bit in the vocal department tonight.

There’s no denying that Jesse sang with passion, dedicating the song to his daughter. He explained to Christina that his daughter is his saving grace and it couldn’t have been more obvious than during this performance. Jesse’s vocals were clear and crisp as usual, but it’s almost as if the song wasn’t challenging enough. There was no point in the song where he had a big “moment,” leaving you with goosebumps like every performance before.

Here’s what the judges had to say:

Cee Lo Green: Wonderful. I thought that the staging was beautiful and you sung the hell out of that. I thought it was a great job.

Adam Levine: Your ability is so crazy. I wasn’t feeling the song choice until it kicked in, then everyone thought it was amazing. You are like a huge favor for this thing.

Blake Shelton: It was great. Nobody’s going to sit here and say that was anything short of a great performance.

Christina Aguilera: I think on an emotional level you really brought it today. It was well put together with the photos and you proved that point tonight.

What did you think of Jesse Campbelll’s performance?

by Melissa Warner on April 17th, 2012

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7 thoughts on “The Voice: Jesse Campbell Underperforms "Halo"

  1. kurt says:

    Chritina, totally lost her mind. Week in week out Jessie was her top performer. You will have a good career, despite your coach.

  2. lin says:

    go to mp3 rocket and download the studio version, it was right on. you may be drinking the same kool aid that christina a is drinking and apparently it’s making you guys tone deaf

  3. Ammie says:

    He sang the hell out of that song and he was the best singer on that show. Will not be watchig it anymore. Christina must have been drunk.

    1. lin says:

      hey, i’m still pissed about the Jesse thing. I believe the show is rigged. I’m not sure if I will watch the show again. i’m still interested in Juliette Simms on CeeLo’s team. maybe she has a chance. I hear that there is a protest to bring Jesse back. i wish I knew who had it going on, I would surely join

  4. eric b says:

    what christina did was level the playing field because jesse was clearly the favorite.i think he had a deal in place and she did’t want to limit him to the million dollar deal or either she is not a good judge of talent.

  5. GF says:

    I am very ashamed of Xtina if what I read in various sources are even remotely true. She made a big mistake as I think Jessie had a real chance of winning. Most of all, I wish Jessie the best in his career. Our entire family is rooting for Jessie to have the last laugh. He is a phenomenal talent and will do well – regardless of the poor coaching. Good luck to Jessie.

  6. betty shinkle says:

    I was shocked when she said he wasn;t caple of developing any further, He was already perfect he didn’t need her help. Maybe the Diva in her was jealous of his talent, I just hope he stays on tv in some way I really think he is a gifted singer,

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