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Dez Duron sings You Smile on The Voice Season 3 (Video)
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The Voice: Dez Duron Outbiebs The Biebs with You Smile

Team Christina hangs on only one performer now, so Dez Duron has a huge responsibility. Last week he seemed to find his groove with a Michael Buble cover. Will he stick with this type of song or deliver something different tonight?

Christina tells him that he’s her last man standing, and tells us that she couldn’t be happier. Riiiight. Dez says that his dad was extremely proud when he got into school, and now he thinks that Dez has thrown it away. He’s singing Justin Bieber’s You Smile. Really? Well it shouldn’t be hard to improve on the original. Dez has six siblings, and says that it was important for him to find his niche and his voice amongst so many sibs. His rehearsal sounds pretty good, but it’s Bieber.

Watch again: Dez Duron goes country with Wanted

The Performance

It’s a big band sort of thing, and we know that Dez can do this well. He does indeed sound better than the Biebs. He has a really nice warm tone when he gets into the middle and low registers. The swagger is in full effect of course. I’m not sure if I like this solely because of Dez, or if I’m just really enjoying the backup band and extra brass/sax section. I think it’s a combination. That was quite good, with nary a hint of Bieber.

Comments from the Coaches

  • Blake Shelton – Last week your performance was a big deal as a fan of yours – I felt like you guys hit on a thing that you need to be doing. I’m glad you went there again because this really works for you.
  • Adam Levine – I want to applaud you for something that’s really hard to do, and that’s walking away from something you had. You can’t really make a backup plan in this business, and I want to applaud you for coming out here and making this happen.
  • CeeLo Green – I like you because you’re such a well-rounded guy. It’s hard to believe that you ever did anything besides singing. You’re a great vocalist – maybe not your best performance tonight, but you’re great.
  • Christina Aguilera – I understand a talent like yours – you killed it killed it killed it! You revamped that song and made it something so special. No one else in the competition can do what you do – they can’t present themselves the way that you do, in a way that will go beyond the show. America, Dez needs your vote!

Methinks Christina hasn’t actually seen some of the other artists on the show. I mean, really? Perhaps she’s just desperate to keep her only player.

Did you enjoy this performance? He’s the last man standing on Team Xtina and here’s why!

by Carrie Grosvenor on November 27th, 2012

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4 thoughts on “The Voice: Dez Duron Outbiebs The Biebs with You Smile

  1. Jessica says:

    Dez your a great singer(:im glad you didnt give up last year and came back because every performce gets better.Great job keep it up your so young and talented don’t give up
    Jessica Ann Flores

  2. RC says:

    Although I liked that he choose a pop track and pop artist to cover. He still gave us the same old same old. Ppl give Terry crap for sticking to rock then give him crap for taking their suggestions. But they praise Dez and a few others… sorry just ticks me off. Although there was 2 others who gave weaker performances tonight and they should be going.

  3. I think Dez is definitely improving. Watching the performance on YouTube, I had no idea it was a Bieber song, so that surprised me. But I found myself appreciating the diversity on The Voice this year – we’ve got rock and soul and a little bit of everything in between. It’s quite a nice mix of artists. Dez isn’t my cup of tea personally, but I appreciate his confidence and I like how he’s developing as an artist. I just don’t know that there’s a niche or a market for what he does.

    1. RC says:

      I agree Gerard… I dont know that there is really a market for what he does & if he wasn’t a pretty boy would the lil teen girlies be voting and buying his music.

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