The Voice: Cassadee Pope Sticks with Country Music Doing Michelle Branch’s Are You Happy

Last week most of the judges agreed that Cassadee Pope, who had set her sights on a pop/rock career, should switch to country music. What will she bring us tonight?

Cassadee is the last performer this evening, and then the voting begins. Just like the last two weeks, the two artists with the fewest votes will go home. She says that seeing last weeks song go to #1 on iTunes is unreal. This week she’s singing Are You Happy Now by Michelle Branch.  So we’re back to country. Blake tells her to tell her personal life through her music. Cassadee hasn’t heard from her dad is some time, and says that she now sees Blake as a “crazy uncle.” Heehee. Blake says that country music is about real stories, and Cassadee has an amazing ability to tell a story in music. She says that the song is spiteful and she’s going to pour emotion into the performance.

The Performance

The opening is strong – Cassadee has a quiet tone but there’s a strength there that the song needs. Then she gets all Alanis on us and brings the heat in the chorus, complete with guitar playing. Whoa, that’s quite some flyaway hair she’s rocking up there. This is definitely her genre, I don’t care that she wants to do rock. Maybe she just needs to take country songs and give them a rock edge for a living, because she’s nailing this one. It’s angsty and strong.

Feedback from the Swivel Chairs

  • Adam Levine – We used to open for Michelle Branch. You’re kind of the front-runner now and after last week the expectation is so much higher. Considering that you did a great job.
  • CeeLo Green – Cassadee, you could win this thing. You’ve got a great voice.
  • Blake Shelton – It’s Cassadee’s mom’s birthday and she couldn’t have a better present than you coming out here and doing that. Last week was a vulnerable moment and it connected. This week you showed that you’re every bit as good as anyone. You just sang the crap out of that song.

by Carrie Grosvenor on November 27th, 2012

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2 thoughts on “The Voice: Cassadee Pope Sticks with Country Music Doing Michelle Branch’s Are You Happy

  1. RC says:

    I wouldn’t call “Are You Happy Now?” country. Yes Michelle after having a semi-succesful pop career went country when she joined another singer to form the duo The Wreckers. But this track Cassadee picked was NOT country nor during Michelle’s country days. So she didnt go country last night. Still pop Still Michelles Pop days. Had Cassadee picked a Wreckers track then I would of agreed LOL :P. She didnt do the track justice but she looked pretty. She needs to stick with real country. Pop/Rock isnt her thing like she thinks it is.

  2. They’re definitely starting to get the song choices and the costumes right for Cassadee now. The image and sound are starting to gel.

    Having said that…is anyone else a little bored by her at this point? Everything is starting to sound too much of the Alanis meets Avril Lavigne and they have a polite afternoon tea together. There’s not as much bite with Cassadee’s vocals, and when she hits the high notes it’s actually a little hard to listen to.

    Style’s great. She just needs to work on her substance!

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