The Vampire Diaries Season 4: ‘Catch Me if You Can’ Review (Spoilers)

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This week’s episode of The Vampire Diaries was called ‘Catch Me if You Can’ because the majority of the episode was spent with Damon tracking down Jeremy in order to kill him. It was tense and exciting – for awhile, then it got repetitious and I started to lose interest.

Man, I’m hard to please this week, aren’t I?

It started off good, with the horde of newly created vampires chasing Matt, Jeremy and Damon through the misty, moonlit woods. But when Jeremy and Damon returned to the bar the next day with plans to kill the lot of them (thus growing the hunter tattoo and getting them one step closer to the cure) but all they found was a pile of ex-vamp bodies in the freezer courtesy of Kol.

Kol doesn’t want them to find the cure because he’s afraid of Silas. He promised big brother Klaus that he wouldn’t harm the Jeremy, but he didn’t say anything about getting someone else to do it. So, he compels Damon to do his dirty work.

Elena gets Jeremy to safety then calls on Stefan for help. Gutsy move, especially since Stefan is involved in some dirty work of his own. . .

I might be alone in this, but I’m getting tired of this compulsion nonsense. It’s one thing when Damon was using it to get pretty girls to mix martinis, but now they’re just using it to make the plot work and I’m not okay with that.

The trouble is, once you give a character almost unlimited power over what used to be the most powerful characters on the show – where can you go? Before Elena was a vampire, it was her humanity that saved them all, but now she doesn’t even have that.

Catch Me if you Can

Stefan intervenes, drains Damon of blood to weaken him, then locks him in the cell in the basement. That’s where he’ll stay until either Kol releases him from his compulsion or he gets Elena to release him through the sire bond.

Stefan then dons his “I could care less” mask for Elena then tracks down Rebekah so they can have angry sex. I’m sure there are fans out there who got a kick out of that scene but Stefan simply doesn’t rev my engines.

While all that was going on, Bonnie got a little testy with Shane and nearly broke his wrist and set him on fire. When her father approaches her about the slip, she says she has her powers under control. Sounds like an addiction intervention is in order.

The final reveal? Elena comes up with a way to grow Jeremy’s mark without him having to slaughter a dozen innocent people. All he has to do is killed Kol, then all of his sired vamps will die along with him.

Hmmm. . . sounds like a loophole in the hunter’s mark rules.

Next week’s episode is called “A View to a Kill.” Here’s a sneak peek.

by Cynthia Boris on January 25th, 2013

Cynthia is a TV fanatic who turned her obsession into a living when she became an entertainment reporter. She loves all kinds of TV but has a special place in her heart for brother shows and anything paranormal. Follow her on Twitter @TV_ofthe_Absurd and on Google+


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