The Big C: Hereafter will wrap up Laura Linney’s cancer story

Laura Linney in The Big C

Did the ending of last year’s The Big C confuse you? We were never quite sure if the season finale was a metaphorical statement, in which Cathy discovered that her cancer was back and after witnessing the collapse of her family, she hopped on a boat with a fisherman who couldn’t speak English and sailed off into the sunset.

We were all left scratching our heads at that season finale. So, fans of the show will be glad to know that it’s returning for a four-episode run that promises to tie up Cathy Jamison’s story. The Big C: Hereafter will premiere on April 29, 2013 on Showtime. Each of the four episodes will run for a full hour – in contrast to the preceding seasons which were 30 minutes long each.

What we’re currently hearing is that the storyline in this mini series will take place between September and May, so one episode may focus on the family in one month, then the next episode may skip ahead several months.

In terms of an ending, the cast and producers are being tight-lipped as to whether Cathy lives or dies in the end. Personally, I think it would be a more satisfying conclusion if Cathy’s battle with cancer ended in her death – there’s more potential for drama and exploration of the emotional themes that might come up. Plus, she had suffered a relapse at the end of the last season, so it might be highly likely.

However, it’s stressed that Hereafter is not an indication that Cathy might die. The only thing which The Big C’s producer Jenny Bicks would give away was this:

The final scene of the series will be very nostalgic for viewers of the show. I think it’s a visually stunning moment and a very happy moment too.

Guest stars on this shorter fourth season of the show include Sister Act star Kathy Najimy and fashion designer Isaac Mizrahi. Mizrahi is slated to appear in 1-2 episodes as Andrea’s (Gabourney Sidibe) mentor, while Najimy will appear in all four episodes. She’s playing a “no-nonsense therapist who will help her deal with the challenges she faces”.

Are you happy that The Big C will be given a proper ending? I fully expected the series to be cancelled after what was arguably an alienating season last year. I originally saw Laura Linney’s Cathy as a self-declared “fierce bitch” who was going to fight cancer tooth and nail and make sure she went out with a bang. Last year, I felt that she had tipped over into becoming self-obsessed and quite unlikeable. However, I think if the writers pull things back into context – possibly reframed by Cathy’s relapse into cancer – they could tap into the emotional core of this show again and give it a satisfying and emotional conclusion.

by Gerard McGarry on January 13th, 2013

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