The Bachelor 2013: Harlequin Takes Over The Bachelor!

harlequin 5It’s time for the first group date on The Bachelor and the ladies could hardly wait to hear who would get a chance to spend time with Bachelor Sean Lowe. Kacie B., Katie, Selma, Robyn, Tierra, Amanda, Brooke, Kassie, Kristy, Leslie M., Daniella, Karen, Catherine and Diana joined Sean for a chance to not only score a Bachelor, but a modeling gig, too.

Kacie B. described the date perfectly when she said “13 is a big number. A lot of girls means a lot of drama!” As a veteran to the show, she would know better than any of the girls just what she was getting into. This will work in her favor this season, especially as she progresses in the competition.

The women arrive at a mansion where a “prince” is waiting for his “princesses.” They learn they have a fun group date with Sean as they pose for a Harlequin romance novel cover. The girl who has the most chemistry with Sean wins a three book cover deal, so the girls decide to give it their best. One girl especially feels she’s got the covers and the man in the bag.

There’s plenty of drama as the women are dolled up for their various rolls as cow girls, vampires or southern bells. Tierra is showing her true colors as she is uncooperative with make up artists and the other women. She admits she’s not out to make friends, her eyes are on the prize. Too bad she’s completely fake and annoying about it. However, Bachelor Ben Flajnik showed last season that this is apparently what men on The Bachelor love. 

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Leslie is the first woman who takes a stab at having the best chemistry with Sean. Dressed as cow girl and cowboy, they share a hot kiss, and though everyone on the set is jealous, I just don’t see the physical chemistry. Naturally Leslie now thinks that Sean is her soulmate and that no other woman will have this same chemistry. Sorry dear, I could name at least five women with better chemistry at this point. The other women do get upset and decide to step up their game.

Kristy is certain that she has an advantage to win the cover deal because she is a model. “Back off bitches, I’m gonna show you how this is done,” she joked. “I’m getting the rose and the books and we’re sailing away.” When she took the floor with Sean, he knew exactly who was in control of their photo shoot. Kristy wasn’t afraid to bear too much while grabbing and pulling at her dream man.

In the end Kristy won the cover deal and was not afraid to show her joy in front of her jealous co-daters.

The date then turns into a late night pool party with the girls having a few moments with Bachelor Sean all to themselves. Leslie kicks off private time, claiming that she and Sean have something “special.” Though they have a healthy conversation there’s a bunch of awkwardness that he doesn’t have with the other girls. He wants to kiss her, but she makes things weird. In the end she decides to make the first move. Yes, he’ll remember it, but it doesn’t erase that these actions come so naturally with the other ladies.

It is Kacie B. who perhaps has the best experience with Bachelor Sean. They discuss how it was difficult for them to go from the friends zone to exploring where the future could go. Kacie is so charming and fun. Unlike most girls on the show she seems genuine and like the kind of girl a man should want a future with. Kacie is determined to come out on top the second time around. Watch out ladies. 

The party does have one casualty as Katie tells Sean that she has to leave. She doesn’t think competing for love is in her best interest. Ultimately Kacie B. “shockingly” earns the rose for the date, even if Tierra thinks she is the one “winning” at this point.

Let’s hope that Kacie B. and Bachelor Sean continue on the right path. She and one other girl so far seem to have the best chemistry with Sean.


by Melissa Warner on January 15th, 2013

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