Gospel singer Tamara Chauniece makes her mark on The Voice with a Beyonce cover

Tamara Chauniece during blind auditions for The Voice

Gospel singer Tamara Chauniece joins The Voice with a unique look – a very short, dark hairstyle matched with a revealing hot pink dress. Prior to her performance, she tells Carson Daly that she’s been singing and recording gospel songs since she was 7 years old. But she reveals that she want now to reach a broader audience (and that she doesn’t want to be a leasing agent for the rest of her life)!

Her song choice is one we haven’t heard before – Beyonce’s 1+1 – and before she’s even sung the first line, Christina Aguilera has turned her chair, recognising the diva potential. Meanwhile, Tamara is singing the song beautifully. While she’s got the gospel background, she’s not overpowering the song, which is a good thing. It would be so easy for her to beat this song to death in an attempt to showcase her voice. Her control is something that we appreciate. And Cee Lo appreciates it too, because he turns his chair too.

Adam starts the commentary from the coaches by praising her ‘beautiful voice’. Cee Lo says “It was gorgeous and so are you. It was everything it needed to be, just enough, not too much of anything.” Christina raves “I loved it. You touched my heart.” Cee Lo finds kinship with Tamara in the fact that their parents were both ministers, but admits he prefers a life of sin! There’s a bit of flirty banter between the two which isolates Christina a little bit!

So, Tamara has to choose between Christina and Cee Lo. Initially it looked like Tamara would go with the power vocalist, but in the end she picks Team Cee Lo. This might be an interesting pairing, because Cee Lo potentially will push her in different directions. It’ll be interesting to see what these two do together. Have a look again and tell us what you thought of Tamara’s audition:

by Gerard McGarry on October 8th, 2013

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