Stars In Danger: High Diving and Celebrity Splash – Upcoming Shows Full of Awesome

Celebrity Diving
Both FOX and ABC have plans to air celebrity diving shows in the near future, and I for one could not be more pleased. Sure they’ll be cheesy and over the top, but isn’t that exactly what we watch reality television for in the first place?

ABC will bring us Celebrity Splash, while FOX is going with the ultra-dramatic title Stars in Danger: High Diving. Both shows will feature D-list celebrities going through lessons in diving and then competing against one another, and both are modeled after European formats. Celebrity Splash will run as a series while Stars in Danger will be a two-hour special.

We’ve already seen celebrities competing as dancers, skaters, chefs, and even apprentices to Donald Trump, so this kind of thing is nothing new. Critics are quick to insult these shows but I love them. Where else are you going to see cheesy has-been celebrities try to learn a skill that they are in no way qualified for? Not only that, but there are always a few who take the competition aspect so seriously that you can’t help but laugh. We’re in for manufactured drama of the highest degree, but before that comes into play there will be the blooper reels.

Oh, the belly flops and painful-to-watch attempts at stylized dives! These will be the highlights of both shows. And if you think that this kind of hype is over-rated, check out an episode of Wipeout and tell me that you’re not giggling over the spills and falls that those contestants take. Now imagine that the contestants are almost but not quite famous people, and the entertainment value has skyrocketed.

Will either of these shows be massive hits, guaranteed to go on for endless seasons in the footsteps of Dancing With the Stars? Probably not. But what they will offer is a good laugh and the opportunity to skewer a few D-listers who should really know better. And that, my friends, is why I cannot wait to watch.

Check out this clip from the German show Sterren Springen, which is the program that Celebrity Splash is based on. This is the kind of thing we’re in for!

by Carrie Grosvenor on October 26th, 2012

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