Say What? This week’s Bizarre Reality Headlines

Former Dancing With the Stars contestant and talk show host, Wendy Williams had a word or two for American Idol’s Fantasia Barrino. The talk show host finds it appalling that Barrino is going after her baby daddy. Please note Barrino was not a guest on the show, not even via phone. “Fantasia you knew he was married and unavailable to you when you started sleeping with him,” Williams said to the camera.  “All I am saying is you had control of this entire situation and as a wife and I always route for the wife. You are dead wrong in this one Fantasia.”

Flub of the week- Kelly Clarkson performed prior to this week’s Sugar Bowl. During her cover of the White Stripes’ “Seven Nation Army.” Woopsies.

America’s Best Dance Crew judge J.C. Chasez was vacationing with his girlfriend, Nicole, over New Year’s Eve in Miami when he saved a one-year-old girl from a terrible accident. A helicopter came too close to the beach, ejecting an umbrella into the air. Chasez grabbed the umbrella before it could hit the girl. Her mother says he’s a hero, Chasez was modest about the entire incident.

American Idol contestant Clay Aiken is ready to take on Donald Trump during Celebrity Apprentice. Despite his preparation, he admitted to The Today Show that Trump is scarier than Simon Cowell! “Being in front of Trump is more intimidating than (being in front of Cowell). That’s because you realize his success is real outside of TV. Whereas with Cowell, I don’t deny him his value – but singing is not his expertise.”

by Melissa Warner on January 6th, 2012

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