Video: Romeo Diahn sings Bob Marley's 'Is This Love' on American Idol

Romeo Diahn auditions for American Idol Season 11This next American Idol audition comes completely out of left-field: Romeo Diahn is a 22 year old shipping clerk who originally came from Liberia. We’re treated to Romeo’s backstory which involves escaping from Liberia during the civil war and living in a refugee camp in Ghana until the family was able to come to America.

It’s one of the more interesting stories that we’ve heard during American Idol‘s Portland auditions this evening. From what he implies, Romeo has actually seen fatalities, and that’s quite a shocking thing to read about. You can kind of see why we’re not impressed with a single mom whose husband cheated on her. It’s not that we’re unsympathetic, but Romeo’s story is far more harrowing.

Anyway, to the audition. Romeo rather unexpectedly sings Bob Marley’s Is This Love. I don’t know what we were expecting, but this wasn’t it. However, he gives it an outstanding acapella rendition with a gravelly vocal and some nice inflections brought about by his Liberian accent. And like Jessica Phillips, Romeo really feels the music. He’s got that sway when he performs. I’m convinced.

Steven Tyler is too: “I love that you sing with your heart. So you sang for your life? Whoa. I hear it in your voice.” But Jennifer Lopez has some reservations, we think to do with how different Romeo’s singing style is: “I love your vibe and your flavour. I’m a little bit worried about where you’re gonna go in the competition and the songs you’re gonna have to sing and stuff.” Nevertheless, she puts him through with that minor reservation.

And on the plus side, she says they probably won’t find anyone else who sounds like Romeo. True. We’d love to hear what you thought of this audition – can the Liberian refugee go far in American Idol? Leave a comment!

by Gerard McGarry on February 2nd, 2012

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2 thoughts on “Video: Romeo Diahn sings Bob Marley's 'Is This Love' on American Idol

  1. maurice says:

    the brother’s got vibe. Hopefully some good song choices will get him over the top.

  2. scrites says:

    Romeo Diahn is also leading in an online talent contest at He has several of his original song entered but the one that is leading is called “11 Is Cold”. this kid is destined for great things

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