Watch Naomi Gillies rock Aerosmith's Cryin' on American Idol (Video)

American Idol: Naomi Gillies sings Aerosmith's Cryin'Boston girl Naomi Gillies is our next American Idol auditionee tonight. She’s decided the way to Hollywood is through flattery of Mr Steven Tyler, so she politely asks his permission to sing Aerosmith’s Cryin’.

It’s certainly an interesting audition. I’d never advise anyone to tackle a song that Steven Tyler has written, let alone when the man himself is sitting in the room. However, Naomi pulled it off pretty well. The 22 year old student managed to hold the tune, and though her voice showed signs of strain in the higher notes, it was a solid audition. I especially like some of the throatier sounds she produced toward the end.

Steven Tyler commented “You belted it out. We’ve been missing that all morning. Love your voice.” Jennifer Lopez complimented Naomi with “The minute you opened your mouth, I was like ‘Wow.’ Very nice voice.” Randy Jackson said: “You got it. You got it. You got it. See, that’s how you do it. Yes.” Again, all three judges unanimously decide to send Naomi through to Hollywood, leaving her to skip off home with a Golden Ticket. Here’s the audition video:

Wanna hear a version of Naomi singing Cryin’ with a full band backing her up? Here ya go!

by Gerard McGarry on February 2nd, 2012

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  1. Rachel Pierre says:

    Fantastic! Beautiful Naomi has the voice of an angel.

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