Live Blog: The Voice Premiere Season 2 Blind Auditions

The Voice is back! Blind auditions start tonight and the stakes are high. How does the show work? The coaches sit with their backs to the talent as they perform. If a coach likes the singer, they hit a button and claim the performer for their team. If more than one judge wants them, the performer decides who they want after the coaches try to convince them to choose their team. Everyone’s worried that Adam Levine is going to keep using “I won last year” to convince the performers. We’ll see..

Raelyn- “Hell on Heels” – Performing a Miranda Lambert (well, her group Pistol Annie) song is risky with hubby Blake Shelton as a coach is risky. Does it mean you’re great if he presses the button for you? Yes, that is likely. Adam and Blake Shelton are fighting over her, trying to convince her that she should join their team. Blake tells her “I can make you a country star,” while Adam says “Why would you want to be only a country star.” Raelyn’s idol is Miranda Lambert- guess who’s working with Blake, so is it really that hard of a decision? Not for Raelyn. Blake 1, Adam 0.

Jesse Campbell “A Song For You”- Adam, Christina Aguilera and Cee Lo Green immediately hit their button for Jesse. His voice is so rich, controlled and beautiful. Perfect for an adult contemporary, top 40 or R&B station. It’s amazing he has not been discovered already! Christina pointed out that he not only started out strong, but also stayed consistent. Too true. Ultimately he chose Team Christina. Can she pull it off? He may be proof if she’s a good coach or not.

Daniel Rosa “Animal” -  Daniel needs to have some more confidence. He has an awesome bow tie on and looks more confident than he really is. His voice is sexy with a popstar, but jazzy twist to it. In fact, his version of Neon Trees is even better than the original. However, no judges felt it! Of course they can’t choose everyone, but Daniel could have worked on his problems over the course of the season. To use it as a learning experience Christina told him he needs to learn how to control his pitch.

Juliet Simms “Oh! Darling”- Juliet’s voice is powerful, raspy and total rockstar. She has control and is full of surprises as she updated the Beatles classic. The crowd was into it as much as Juliet was, so it’s no surprise Cee Lo, Adam and Christina fight over her. “The dirt in your voice is incredible,” Adam told her as she awkwardly stood on stage while Christina and Adam fought immaturely back and forth (well let’s be honest, it’s really just Christina trying to be “the center of attention” as she claims Adam has to be). Cee Lo told her that she turns him on and he thinks that he can make her a star. Ultimately she chose Cee Lo, and can we blame the girl? I wouldn’t want to be in the center of the Adam and Christina fits.

Chris Mann “Because We Believe”- Chris is a trained opera singer. His voice is strong and beautiful, but maybe not what you’d hear from an average recording artist. Well.. good news for him is The Voice is interested in finding the next popstar, they’re looking for anyone with talent. Think Michael Buble or Josh Grobin- Chris could sell out venues around the world like they do. “That was so exceptionally beautiful,” Cee Lo told him. We could not agree more. Chris made the choice to join Team Christina.

Tony Lucca “Trouble” – Tony is a surprise audition for Christina who worked with him on The Mickey Mouse Club as teens. After the show was canceled he went to perform at clubs instead of entering pop stardom. He feels it’s his time to do big things and he has the talent to back it up. “Trouble” is a hard song to make your own and still sound great doing it. Good news Tony- you did it. He’s only the second performer to win all four coaches over. Christina didn’t recognize his face, but admits that he has a “silky tone” to his voice. Adam pushed his and Cee Lo’s button, ultimately convincing Tony to choose him. Of course after Christina gets a close up she recognizes him.

Who did you love on The Voice premiere?

by Melissa Warner on February 6th, 2012

Melissa is Unreality TV's X Factor USA expert, bringing you all the gossip on the contestants and religiously recapping their performances each week! You can follow her on Twitter and on Google+

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