Live Blog: The Voice Blind Auditions #2

Last night we met Jesse Campbell and Tony Lucca on The Voice. Who will the judges find tonight during the second set of blind auditions?

Tonight’s episode started out with a medley of Prince songs from all Voice coaches. Though Prince is a legend, Blake Shelton and Christina Aguilera’s voices did not fit the style of this medley.. that is until a little honky tonk made its way into the mix. The truth is when the four judges sing together, their voices should blend better than they do. Too many different styles and tones meshed into one song. Adam Levine and Cee Lo Green sounded great though.

On to the auditions..

The Line “American Girl”- Carson Daly pointed out that the judges didn’t realize at first that it was a group. Once Haley joined in with Leighland, Blake Shelton immediately hit the button confident in the duo’s talent. Christina Aguilera and Cee Lo Green joined in next with Adam Levine jumping in last. Here’s what the judges had to say…

“Each singer has to hold their own, when you started singing the energy in the room changed,” Adam Levine.

“You guys love each other obviously, are you a couple? Because there’s definitely a musical connection between you, ” Cee Lo Green

“I know something’s amazing when I hear it. I heard that in the both of you. I felt it in the fun the both of you are having up there.. as soon as I heard the second voice kick in I was really really intrigued. Then I though Blake had a duet last year and sent them home,” Christina.

“I am married to a female vocalist so I can hear where you are coming from,” Blake Shelton.

The duet chose Christina Aguilera as their team mentor.

Jamar Rogers “Seven Nation Army” – Carson Daly hand delivered an invitation to the blind auditions to Jamar in the Bronx, NY. Lamar’s inspiration is Cee Lo Green and he’s looking for a second chance on life after discovering his drug abuse gave him HIV. At the first beats of “Seven Nation Army” I felt like the song was a bad choice because it’s so over done. However, Jamar has attitude and soul. He could go rock or R&B with the tone of his voice. Cee Lo hit his button for Jamar and the biggest smile crossed his face. It was so touching. Here’s what the judges had to say.

“This is why I love doing this show, it gives real talent the time to shine.. I knew that Cee Lo was perfect for you,” Christina.

“To the last second I thought man I really should turn my chair around, but I noticed he hit his button and it was a match made in heaven,” Adam.

“I’m glad I didn’t press my button,” Blake.

“Having someone pay you that kind of compliment… it makes it all worth it,” Cee Lo.

Jamar is ecstatic to be working close with his idol.

Neal Middleton “I Heard it From the Grapevine”- He feels like he’s 33 and it’s now or never. As a father he wants to do this to provide for his family. Neal’s voice sounds like James Durbin, but more matured. The song was updated and made his own, but not enough for The Voice judges. Here’s what the judges had to say:

“That was an interesting rendition of that record,” Cee Lo Green.

“That was awesome.

“That was like an amp that was on ten, there was so much there,” Blake.

“I would have liked more range,” Christina.

His wife is not disappointed, she’s proud of his audition. Neal thinks that it’s time to find something else to do with his life.

Gwen Sebastian “Stay”- Gwen put off having a family to pursue her dream, but she feels that singing is truly where she wants to go in life. Blake Shelton was first to press his button at her. Cee Lo followed right behind him. Adam buzzed in last. Here’s what the judges had to say:

“You have a really beautiful voice,” Christina.

“You bastards, you’re doing this just to get under mys kin. YOu are a great country vocalist. You have every quality. You’re tender in the right places and powerful int he right places.. you have a great sound and are very developed. Let me just say that I think y’know if you look across this panel, you’ll see spikes and tattoos.. I’m your country man,” Blake.

“It makes total sense that you would got with Blake. You kept me connected to the last note.. It’d be so cool to do something I’m not use to,” Adam.

“Your voice was cool.. but confident. I wanted to turn around and tell you that you are appreciated,” Cee Lo.

Though she loves Maroon 5, her heart is country so she is “honored to be on Blake’s team.”


Pamela Rose “Already Gone”- Pamela has a beautiful voice, but her pitch is off from time to time. No judges buzzed her, here’s what they had to say:

“Cee Lo is killing himself right now, there were a little issues, pitch issues. But you’re beautiful, so congrats on that,” Adam.

“I was thinking about it. It fell off pitch when I was about too, so I couldn’t,” Christina.

“I’m gonna miss you,” Cee Lo.

“She has a lot of elements that make a star, but not all the elements,” Blake.

Her family was more upset about her not making it than she was.


Kim Yarbrough “Tell Me Something Good”- We can say this for Kim- there is NO ONE like her in this competition so far. She’s got personality, control and deep, rich tones. Her audition song was a little strange, but it worked to win Adam and Christina over. Though let’s face it- Christina only buzzed because Adam did.

“You’re name is Chaka Khan, baby. It’s like It urned around and said ‘yes that’s what I wanted to see.’ This divalicious lady picked you as well and will fight over you like children,” Adam.

“I knew this was a force to be reckoned with,”  Christina.

Kim wanted to know what the coaches had planned for her. Adam pointed out that he has no expectations or limits for her. Ultimately she chose Adam as her coach. Good choice, Kim!


Angie Johnson “Heartbreaker”- Carson hand delivered an invitation to the blind auditions to Angie. She is officially our resident rock chick so far this season. Cee Lo was the only one to take a risk turning his chair around for her, but it was probably a good decision on his part.

“Perfect way to end that song,”  Blake

“The whole time on pitch.. that’s a tough song,” Christina.

“I love rock ‘n roll. I love a girl with guts and confidence,” Cee Lo.

Angie thanks Carson and attributed her success solely to him.


Dez Duron “I Want it That Way” – Though it is one of the greatest pop songs of all time, “I Want it That Way” is a hard song to sing by yourself (as it is written for five harmonies). His voice is rich and poppy, but no judges hit the button!

“You did a great job, I was encouraging Adam to pick you,” Cee Lo.

“Stylistically we wouldn’t jame well together,” Adam.

“You didn’t hit your button! It’s your fault,” Blake to Christina.

“I got this close to hitting my button,” Christina.

Big mistake judges, big mistake.

Lindsey Pavao “Say Aah”- It didn’t take long for Christina to see that Lindsey has a great voice. Her ecentric personality shines through her voice. People would buy her albums because she stands out that much. Cee Lo and Blake joined Christina in the fight for Lindsey.

 “Lindsey, I love your voice. And your hair is bad ass,” Blake.”There’s elements in your voice.. is Fiona Apple an influence? I was listening so closely, I was like oh my gosh this girl is so unique.”

“I enjoyed every second of that. I thought it was such a creative choice.. and to do it so well… I just want to play with you,” Christina.

“I thoroughly enjoyed that… it took me a second to figure out what record that was.. the coolest thing so far this season,” Cee Lo.

Ultimately Lindsey chose Christina.


Hoja Lopez “Teenage Dream”- “Teenage Dream” is a hard song to sing well becasue in all reality Katy Perry has a weird range that doesn’t need talent to sing. However, Hoja turned the song into an Adele remix of this modern pop classic. Unfortunately for Hoja, the judges weren’t feeling it. Here’s what the judges have to say:

“That was a pretty good performance, it wasn’t exactly what I was looking for. And I’m actualy a huge Katy Perry fan,” Blake.

“Nerves seemed to happen for you. It sucks ’cause you can’t help it. Sorry we didn’t pick you,” Adam.

Hoja shouldn’t give up, practice and come back next year!

Jermaine Paul “Complicated” – Again, a pop song that really doesn’t take much talent to sing but someone manages to turn it into a song that does take talent to sing. As a back up singer for Alicia Keys, Jermaine has plenty of experience on stage and it shows in his performance. It didn’t take much convincing for Cee Lo who hit his button for him. Blake joined him a few measures later.

“I can hear the swag.. You sung it with a cool and a confidence. I’m glad I turned around for you.. You have the voice, I want you on my team.. and the people seem to love you,” Cee Lo.

“I hear want, need is better but I want to hear the word keep,” Jermaine told Cee Lo and Blake.

“The word keep is up to you. Man, you blew us away. You still have a lot of work to do.. you are the first person to ever look like what I imagined,” Blake.

“The people will help keep you around,” Cee Lo.

Not only does Jermaine have the talent, but he has the spunk as he drills the coaches before making his decision. Ultimately he unexpectedly  chose Blake.

Angel Taylor “Someone Like You”- It’s always risky choosing Adele, but luckily for Angel she has a unique and strong enough voice to pull it off. Adam and Blake hit their buttons first.

“That’s a tough one and you were nervous at the beginning, but there’s soemthign in your voice,” Adam.

“That low register is low to stay in and remain in, but I thought it felt good,” Cee Lo.

“Blake Shelton, A. I have a massive crush on you, so I’m curious to hear what you think you have to offer me,” Angel.

“I don’t know what I can do for you, but I will damn try,” Blake.

Angel, after a hard decision, chose Adam as her coach. Big win for Adam.


Who do you love this season so far on The Voice?

by Melissa Warner on February 7th, 2012

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