Live Blog: The Voice Blind Auditions 2.13

The Voice coaches Blake Shelton, Christina Aguilera, Cee Lo Green and Adam Levine are continuing to build their teams of 12. The blind auditions are winding down and tonight, the coaches were introduced to some of the best talent yet. From rapping and soul to gorgeous ballads, some of the talent blew us away tonight. Who did you miss?



Sarah Golden- ” You and I”: The audience was instructed to play along with the judges, completely “blinding” us from who was signing. The voice coming from the microphone sounds like it would fit a pop star like Britney Spears, while it really came from a more tom boy-esque gal. It wasn’t quite as surprising as The Voice played it up to be. Cee Lo and Blake hit their buttons for the folk artist.

Christina: I heard a bit of twang in your voice that sounds perfect for someone here.

Blake: I heard a lot of things I liked in your voice, you didn’t sound like anyone else. It’s so honest sounding. I don’t know how else to explain. Aside from being a great singer with a great voice, it was so refreshing. You made me hit my button.”

Cee Lo: I love the song, you did a great rendition of it. I want my team to be diverse to challenge myself an grow as an artist.. I’d like for you to be on my team with me.

Blake: Cee Lo would like for you to be an experiment, where I feel confident enough in you as you are to put you on my team and take you to the end of this thang.

Sarah chose to go with Cee Lo.

Elle Dehue- “Mercy”: Elle quit school to pursue her dream as a singer. Though her voice is soulful and she has fun on stage, her voice does not stand out. It flips too much and she doesn’t seem to have much control over it. No judges turned around for her.However, it did not discourage her from continuing to pursue her dream. Work on your pitch and control and come back next year, Elle!

Adam: Oh my gosh, Elle that last note was so killer. If I could go back in time, I think that we would all push our buttons.

Christina: You have the best attitude and honestly and to have that viewpoint coming in here, may we all take a lesson from being so humble and so gracious.

Blake: The only thing that kept me from pushing the button was the falsetto hearts might have gotten a little big pitchy. You’re the sweetest girl I’ve seen on this stage so far.

Pip- “House of the rising Sun”: It took about two measures for Adam to see that Pip has something special. Shortly after Blake, Cee Lo and Christina joined him. Pip’s sound is smooth and sexy, and the 19-year-old’s bow tie didn’t hurt.

Blake: That’s a cool name. I was not the first to push my button. How would you like to be on a team with hardly any guys? I could really focus on the fact that you are a guy if you are on my team.

Christina: I have time and attention. No one knows how to wake up early and work harder than a mother.

Cee L0: You have an old soul, but you’re fresh looking. What a great song choice and delivery.

Adam: It takes a real man to wear a bow tie. It takes a lot to turn around and see the type of person you least expected. That’s who I want to work with.

After everyone pitched their case it got personal- y’know Christina claiming she’s the best because she’s “been around” the longest. Though maybe the contestants should look at who’s career was the shortest… However, Pip, despite not thinking “all four of y’all would turn around in a million years,” he chose Adam because he turned around first.

Erin Willet- “I Want You Back”: Erin decided to pursue her dream after her father was diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer. Instead of being sad, she decided to channel the feelings into her music and stay positive. She said “The Voice be a wonderful distraction… It gives something for my parents to look forward to and my dad to see me live my dream.”  Erin has a great pop voice. It’s very clear and controlled. It has enough “dirt” in it to have a slight rock vibe to it. Blake Shelton turned around for Erin first and looked overly excited the entire time while watching her.. it was quite adorable.

Christina: That was really great. There’s no doubt that there’s a lot of power behind your voice. I think you guys will be an interesting match.

Blake: I love to see people react to music. You have a great voice and had the crowd going for you. You’re on my team like it or not.

Adam: I am blown away by the level of talent… you have this power. I’m happy you’ll work with Blake.

“I can’t believe I’m going through to the next round,” she cried to her parents. It’s a well deserved placement.

David Grace- “Sweet Home Alabama”:  Football player turned singer. He looks like he played as linebacker, but could also pass as a country singer. David looked so natural behind his guitar. His voice is raspy and a good mix of country and rock. The judges teasingly pushed their buttons during his performance, but weren’t sold on if they should take the risk or not. Blake kept attempting to push the button and almost did at the last moment.

Christina: David, you have a great voice. i was trying to get these two (Adam and Blake) to push the button all the time.

Blake: The dips you took, you’d bend into a note. Part of me was like ‘is he doing that on purpose’.. at the last minute I almost hit my button. Those things.. they weren’t wrong.

Adam: Too much sliding so it was more a stylistic thing that was clashing with me a little bit.

Though he didn’t make it, his parents were there encouraging him especially since Blake almost picked him.

Katrina Parker-”One of Us”: Carson Daly invited Katrina personally to the blind auditions, hoping to get her out of her office to follow her dream. “I was completely shocked,” she said on the invitation. After being silenced for two years from mold in her home, Katrina is back in a big way. The moment she started signing I had goose bumps. Her voice is beautiful and controlled with such a rich tone. The remix of Joan Osbourne’s “One of Us” was a beautiful showcase of her sound. Adam turned around nearly instantly. Good choice, Adam!

Cee Lo: Hey baby, you’re looking good tonight.

Adam: I win. I want something different and that’s what I really heard. i think it was a really cool choice artistically. There were moments that weren’t perfect, and you probably know that. It was different and that’s what I love about you.

Katrina could go very far with Adam as her coach. “He’s the most picky of those four coaches,” Carson told her.

Geoff McBride- “Higher Ground”: The crowd was definitely feeling the funk Geoff brought to the stage. Not only did he deliver, but he’s working the stage like a natural performer. His voice is raspy and has a lot of gravel to it. With a sudden revitalization of funk with Fitz and the Tantrums, Geoff could have a very successful career in music if he works towards it. Christina and Cee Lo turned their chairs with a high five from Adam.

Adam: you can sing your ass off. It’s Stevie you’re messing with there.

Christina: The very first note you hit blew me away. It was strong and whenever I turned around and saw you, you were definitely working the crowd and working the stage.

Cee Lo: I felt like you felt strong and you sounded sincere. I wanted to give you a nod of recognition.

Christina: I may not look like Cee Lo, but I’ve got soul, too.

Just like Stevie Wonder, Geoff wears sunglasses because he is blind in one eye from a boxing injury as a child. Geoff chooses Team Christina.

Erin Martin- “Hey There, Delilah”: Erin use to be a model, but “jumped into” music a couple years ago. She’s sang for major record labels who said she needs more experience. This is why she auditioned for The Voice- to work with a coach. Her voice is completely unique, very comparable to Drew on The X Factor. It could be a pop voice, but more ideally for indie. The Voice needs a voice like Erin’s to truly stand out. Blake hit his button first, followed soon after by Cee Lo.Good news, Erin has personality as well as a good sound.

Cee Lo: Your voice is so bizarre. You’re beautiful. Quite naturally you belong with me.

Blake: I was going to throw down some down to earth, basic family crap. I’m just going to say this. Your smile is contagious.. even Christina is smiling and she never smiles. You are what the voice is. I would love to be your coach and work with you.

Adam: I know my opinion doesn’t really count. I couldn’t quite wrap my head around it. I was confused and a little bit scared. You got it going on.

Erin picks… CEE LO! With that exact enthusiasm. The good news is with her picking him.. it’s the return of Cee Lo’s cat. “I deserve her,” he said with confidence “Don’t you think so?” he asked his cat.

 James Massone “Find Your Love”: James sounds like Justin Bieber or Chris Brown. He has a smooth radio-friendly tone to his voice. Blake let out a “WHOA!” when he saw the face behind the voice.

Cee Lo: James from Boston.

Christina: This is why I love this show. To turn my chair around. I had no idea what I was going to find. Man, you’ve got soul!

James: Adam, what happened with you?

Adam: You were great. Next thing I knew all three of them were turned around and I didn’t  want to even deal with it.

Blake: I have a lot of respect because you finished your song and waited til the end to fall apart. That’s a hard thing to do.

Cee Lo: Your voice is calming, very clear.

After deliberation, James chose his first choice Cee Lo. “I’m glad he picked me, team red zone,” Cee Lo and his cat said.

Winter Rae- “Take a Bow”: Bestie Perez Hilton came to watch winter try out on The Voice. How’s that for star status? The truth is Winter has blue hair and a lot of piercings and tattoos. she looks like she should deliver a rock song, but she has a beautiful pop voice. Though Carson Daly invited her to the blind auditions, no coach turned around for her. Perhaps a better song choice that would have showed her range would have helped her stand out a little more.

Christina: I love your soul so much, but there’s moments you’re just waiting for.

Blake: I think her hair is bad ass. I thinkt he blue is cool looking.

Adam: The talent level is so high, but you need to know.. we were all rejected or let down by something. There’s no reason to lose belief in yourself.

“You look and sounded beautiful,” Perez told her. “And I wouldn’t BS you.”

Chris Cauley- “Grenade”: Chris’ voice is soulful and smooth. He has a nice, controlled vibrato to his voice. The slow version of this popular Bruno Mars song actually made it sound far better than the original Cee Lo turned his chair around first, which says a lot since Bruno Mars is one of his closest homeboys. Adam also came to his senses and hit his button for Chris.

Cee Lo: I’m very pleased with your performance.

Christina: It was really great all the way through. You were really, really smooth.

Adam: She was right. It was smooth.

Blake: Stylistically, I knew the look in Adam’s eye and knew he’d push the button.

Adam and Cee Lo refused to arm wrestle for Chris, but he did end up choosing Adam. This seemed like a natural choice for Chris. They’ll work well together.


Nathan Parrett- “The Joker”: Adam pushed his button for Nathan.

Brian Fuente, a rocker, was picked up by Blake. “I’m so happy that none of y’all pushed your buttons.”

Moses Stone- “Let’s Get it Started”: Christina picked up The Voice’s first MC. Looks like Astro opened some doors after The X Factor.



by Melissa Warner on February 14th, 2012

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