Live Blog: The Bachelor.. Who's Going Home Tonight? *spoilers*

Crazy Jenna is gone, we can all breathe a sigh of relief. Things are just heating up on tonight’s episode of The Bachelor. Just who will Ben Flajnik send home?

*Spoilers* below!

The girls are on their way to San Francisco, a city close to Ben’s home. They are all excited to see the places that are special to Ben. He’s optimistic that the dates will go well. “Potentially one of them could be living here,” so they need to love the city like he does. His sister Julia lives there and she and Ben are close. She knows him “better than anyone on the planet.”

Julia asks if there’s one that she or his mom would love. Ben names Lindzi for riding in on the horse. Casey B. because she throws a baton like his mom. He thinks that Courtney would get along with Julia because she’s a “down to earth” model who is “drama free.” (Courtney is drama free? Yes, of course as she points out that a date with Emily will not be exciting.. at all. If anything, she’s a great actress that she’s drama free.) He then points out that Emily’s a science nerd and Julia says their mom would love that. In his opinion Jennifer is the best kisser.

Emily gets a date with Ben first. She’s nervous that her date will involve heights- if only she could see into her future..


Emily is excited for their date because she hasn’t had much time with her. Ben has done “everything” in San Francisco, so he wants to climb to the top of the Bay Bridge with Emily to see a different view. My stomach is turning for her! That bridge is HUGE! Just standing on the ground looking at that bridge made me naseous.  “Relationships are about trust, diving into the unknown,” Ben says. What a romantic! He thinks that overcoming their fears together is one of the best ways to bond. Emily has a panic attack as they work on climbing to the top of the bridge. Ben is talking her through it, and is sweetly behind her in case anything goes wrong.  “I did the only thing I could think of. I gave her a kiss,” Ben said. Ah yes, a kiss cures all problems, right? What a great distraction from anxiety. They make it to the top when we are finally given the best analogy of the night, if never. “A bridge brings two different things together. Ben and I are two different things.”

Emily and Ben talk mostly about past relationships during their date night. Ben tells Emily how he was in love on The Bachelorette. I would be nervous as any of these girls that a guy can attach that easy and then just move on to another show. Emily shares how an online dating service paired her with her brother, so she decided to go on The Bachelor. Ben says he wants and needs to know about her past relationships, but isn’t this usually a date killer? After dinner Ben tells Emily that he loves how witty she is and that she was able to climb the bridge with him. He immediately gives her a rose, concluding the night with a kiss on the bay and.. fireworks. A bit much?  The girls screaming in their hotel was definitely heard around the world. “I’m so sad right now,” one of the girls yelled.. I think we all are. 

Though Ben had a great time for him.. 11 girls are waiting for him for their chance at a group date with Ben.


“I don’t think anyone in San Francisco has done this,” Ben said as the girls climbed in the new Honda CR-Vs. Awesome obvious sponshorship, especially when he started showing off the features. The girls are confused where they are going with the skis and their swimsuits in 85 degree weather. Ben surprised the girls with a ski hill in the middle of the city! Ben wanted to see what snow would look like in San Francisco and if he would be able to ski down the streets. It’s his opportunity to find out. Who cares about 11 girls in swimsuits, check out Ben’s hot bod! Most of the girls have never skied before. Kacie B. was the most, Ben looking for a girl who has a good time with it and doesn’t care if they make a fool of themselves. This worked in her favor, he had cartoon hearts in his eyes when talking about her.

Back at the house.. Everyone thought Lindzi would get the last date in San Francisco, but Brittney ended up winning the date. Grandma trumps horse. Brittany didn’t seem excited about the date, and the rest of the girls who didn’t get a date are furious. Brittney admits she should be happy, but she’s “torn and confused” about Ben.

Kacie B. has crazy eyes as she watches Ben interacting with the other girls. “It’s harder than I thought it’d be,” Kacie tells Ben because she thinks he understands what it’s like. So many dating rules are broken. These girls should know you never show that you’re insecure about things. For the second time tonight he kisses a girl just to make her feel better. Makes you wonder if a kiss has that much power or is he just THAT good of a kisser?

While Ben’s on his date, Brittney decides her heart is not in the contest because she doesn’t like the competition. She takes over the role as Jenna, crying her eyes out and having a breakdown. The only differences is she at least makes sense while she is tearing up. Brittney crashes the group date while Ben is talking to Blakely. She explains that she is happy for the one-on-one date, but thinks she’s not the perfect match for him. She wants him to use his last one-on-one day in San Francisco for someone who belongs with him. Ben tells her “say hi to Grandma,” before putting her int he cab. Simultaneous *aw* now. Brittney totally hurt Ben’s feelings leaving because he’s a bit flustered and he looks .. sad.

Let’s go back to Blakely though. Not only does she tell Ben it’s hard to be on the show, but she whines that no one likes her. Is anyone really on The Bachelor to make best friends? No! The number one rule of friendship is you don’t go after your girl’s man.. everyone is chasing the same guy on this show. Blakely nearly expects Ben to do something about how “unfriendly” the girls are. Is is high school again? Poor Ben is nothing more than a mediator with these girls. If you’re keeping count that is four time that he’s told the girls he can relate and they just have to hang in there.

Rachel was given a rose on the group date.


When the one-on-one invite is delivered the next morning it’s for Lindzi. Are we surprised? No. If Grandma doesn’t work, of course a horse will. He keeps bringing up her and the horse, so it’s likely that is in her favor, even if she’s concerned that he doesn’t like her as much as the other girls. Ben picks her up in a trolley to give her a tour of the city he loves. “This is where I wanna live for the rest of my life,” Ben said. Um yea.. we can’t blame him. He takes her to Swensen’s Ice Cream on Market Street before heading through Chinatown to the San Francisco City Hall. He unlocks the door and Matt Nathanson is waiting for them with a full band. They dance the night away, but Ben still has one more surprise up his sleeve..

Bourbon and Branch an old speak easy. The “perfect first date” in Ben’s opinion. He talks with Lindzi and asks her why she’s single. The worst question, ever. We get to hear the text story again. Win. “I don’t need someone else to complete me,” Lindzi said. “I want someone I can fall in love with and start a life with.” You can tell looking at the two there’s a bit more of a connection between them and the other girls.. well aside from Emily of course. She earns the next rose for the week. The pair end the night at a music shop, playing the piano to make memories with music. Again everyone all together now.. *aw*

The girls are worried that some girls that the competition is getting harder now that most girls have a connection with Bachelor Ben. If only they knew what was coming up.

Ben feels “great” at the third cocktail party, but how can he really not feel great with all these beautiful girls around him, hanging all over him. The party is a chance for the other girls to talk with Ben. Jennifer is telling Ben that she thinks he’s great and he’s getting all flustered. There’s just too much awkward silence between their empty compliments and him trying to get another kiss from “the best kisser in the house.” The chemistry is just not there, not like with the other girls. Courtney is just giving the stare down to all the women while they take a few minutes with Ben. Her commentary proves everything that Ben thinks about her is wrong. For example, “Blakely is the kind of girl who’s boyfriend cheats on her.” Especially when Courtney has to leave the room because she can’t stand how the girls look at each other. If anyone, she’s the one staring at everyone.

Courtney and Ben sneak off to the roof where she puts on her best act to convince Ben that she’s sane and nice. He tells her he’s been thinking about her, and she says she’s been thinking about him. If he really thinks the connection is real between them, maybe Ben deserves the fakest girls of all.

Shawntel appears before the rose ceremony. She’s a contestant from Brad’s season who is madly in love with Ben and wants a chance for a “fairy tale ending.” Ben doesn’t appeared impressed, just shocked but also his gentlemen self. The girls, being huge Bachelor fans, identify Shawntel immediately. She says she wants a chance at a rose. Ben’s not sure how to react. Apparently the pair had spoken before, so clearly she really did have a chance to date him and THAT WORKED OUT. Adios, Shawntel?

The girls are visibly and vocally upset that she has appeared because she had her chance before on The Bachelor and it’s their turn. These girls have every right to feel this way, they made the cut. Should she be able to walk back on just because she is a former cast member?

The Rose Ceremony

*Emily, Rachel and Lindzi all have roses and are safe.
Ben apologized for leaving the party early.
*Courtney, Kacie B., Elyse, Jennifer, Casey S., Blakely, Monica, Nicki and Samantha all received roses.
* Ericka passes out and Ben comes over asking for water. All the girls are blaming Shawntel.
*Ben can’t hand out the final rose tonight. Ericka, Jaqueline and Shawntel all leave. Good for Ben! It wasn’t fair for her just to show up and expect for things to work out.

Next week someone else leaves. *fingers crossed* COURTNEY! She’s obviously cracking.

by Melissa Warner on January 17th, 2012

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