Live Blog: American Idol Portland Auditions

The competition is pretty tough so far. Who will the judges find in Portland, Oregon tonight?

Brittany Zika, 21 from Portland, OR.Tripster the Hipster has a GORGEOUS voice. It’s rich and totally fits her style, a little quirky and unique. Can’t wait to see her in Hollywood!

Ben Purdom, 18 from Philadelphia, PA. Poor Ben was sick, but that probably happens when you sell cable on the street corner in the fall. Regardless if he was ill or not, he has a great personality but not the American Idol voice.

Jermaine Jones, 24 from Fine Hill, NJ. Jermaine belted out “Superstar” for the judges. His voice was strong, low and controlled.. very similar to last season’s Jacob Lusk. Let’s see if the “General Giant” makes it past Hollywood week.

Britnee Kellogg, 27 from Washington. Taking nerves into account, Britnee sounded good. However, her rendition of  “You’re No Good” doesn’t really stand out compared to everyone else we’ve seen so far. She did deserve a golden ticket, but let’s hope her nerves don’t hold her back. Ultimately her voice has potential.

Sam Gershman, 21 from Clarksville, MS. First off- Steven Tyler, pick your jaw up from off the ground. Clearly he likes to women with curves. Sam’s got quite the personality, but truly.. her version of “I’m a Woman” was a little scary.

David Weed, 21 from Idaho. Choosing Rush for an audition song is a completely terrible decision. David can look forward to returning to Idaho and practicing his sweet Rush impression on Rock Band in between shifts at the fast food restaurant.

Romeo Diahna, 22 a Liberian refugee now living in Portland. Whoa. His voice is gorgeous. He looks happy and thankful when he sings, too. It has a unique tone like Akon. If he recorded an album people would recognize his voice immediately on the radio. Maybe he’ll make it past Hollywood week and we’ll see if this theory is correct.

Naomi Gillies 22 from Boston, MA. Normally I would not suggest singing a judge’s song, but Naomi’s version of “Crying” by Aerosmith was sexy. Those screams are hard to hit and Naomi did it. Another one that should be fun to watch in Hollywood.

Jessica Phillips, 25 from Brooklyn, NY. The most impressive part of Jessica’s audition is she went from crying her eyes out to belting out “Again” by Faith Evans. A good song choice considering her life story helping her boyfriend recover from a stroke. Putting her through to Hollywood was a no brainer because she sounds like most R&B stars on the radio.

Quotes of the Night:

  • “I’m much too young to be this old.”-  Steven Tyler
  • “Could you be any more perky?” Steven Tyler on Sam Gershman.

by Melissa Warner on February 2nd, 2012

Melissa is Unreality TV's X Factor USA expert, bringing you all the gossip on the contestants and religiously recapping their performances each week! You can follow her on Twitter and on Google+

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