Live Blog: American Idol Auditions – St. Louis

Tonight is the last night of American Idol auditions before Hollywood Week. Can St. Louis make up for Portland’s mediocre turn out?

Johnny Keyser, 22 from Pompano Beach, Florida. The moment Johnny opened his mouth, I must say mine fell to the floor! I never would have expected such a soulful rendition of “Change is Gonna Come” from the surfer student.

Rachelle Lamb, 26 from Mountain View, MO.  Rochelle was a professional singer before getting married. She gave up her career, so now that she’s getting a divorce she’s chasing her dream with a song her ex doesn’t like. “Find Somebody New” by Faith Hill was a perfect choice for her. Not only is she spunky, but she also has a great voice. Randy Jackson says he’s “impressed,” and I couldn’t agree more.

Reis Kloeckener, 20 from St. Louis, MO.  After getting picked on during high school for being small and different, Reis used music as a savior. He turned his experience into songs and had an easy time proving to judges with “Lean On Me” that he belongs going on to Hollywood. Anyone else think he looks like he could be on “Glee?”

Steven Tyler must be tired of the bad auditions since he went behind-the-scenes to pep talk the remaining people auditioning… can’t really blame him..

Ethan Jones, 22 from Pontoon Beach, IL. Ethan delivered an “assuming” version of “I’ll Be.” It’s likely some girls are swooning at home, pulling up their Facebooks to vote for him.

Here’s to hoping the freelance audio tech made it through. He has a complete David Cook vibe (yes, judging a book by its cover).

Mark Ingram, 28 from Collinsville, IL. From hotel staff to American Idol?  Some advice for Mark- work on staying in tune and you will be great! The judges say “not yet” but I feel like he probably is good, but cracked under pressure.

Lauren Gray, 22 from from Hardy, AK. Steven Tyler loves that she’s “fearless.” Jennifer Lopez “needed to hear that.” Randy Jackson likes that she isn’t afraid to take a chance. J. Lo went as far to call her one of the “best female voices we’ve heard.” Lauren definitely has potential to be in the top 13 as long as Hollywood Week goes well for her.

by Melissa Warner on February 3rd, 2012

Melissa is Unreality TV's X Factor USA expert, bringing you all the gossip on the contestants and religiously recapping their performances each week! You can follow her on Twitter and on Google+

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