Late Night With Jimmy Fallon Presents.. Pros and Cons of American Idol

Late Night With Jimmy Fallon is known for its comedic antics like the “Pros and Cons” segment. Last night, Fallon and crew pointed out the pros and cons of American Idol being back.

A few highlights..

Pro: It’s a different show without Simon’s pointed quips.
Con: It’s a different show without Simon’s pointed nips

Pro: Randy Jackson gets to share his advice.
Con: Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez get to share their wardrobe.

Pro: The media got an anonymous tip that Ryan Seacrest was leaving American Idol.
Con: It came from Ryan because the tip was frosted.


Anyone else think it’s creepy how much Scotty McCreery looks like the child of  Afred E. Newman and Clay Aiken?

Watch the video here:

Are you excited American Idol is back?

by Melissa Warner on January 19th, 2012

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