Jennifer Diley auditions for American Idol: Looks hot, sounds awful.

Jennifer Diley auditions for American Idol

It's really gonna hurt when she pulls that sticker off...

Lock yourselves in for a Top Gun themed episode of American Idol! For the San Diego auditions, the Idol bosses went all-out and held them on the U.S.S. Midway – an aircraft carrier currently docked in San Diego! Cue a very rockin’ soundtrack, lots of fly-by noise and Steven Tyler in a strange aviator hat.

The judges (and Ryan Seacrest) had much fun with the first auditionee, 19 year old Jennifer Diley from Columbus, Ohio. In a very patriotic turn of events, Jennifer turns up in a red-and-white striped bikini and very revealing blue denim hotpants. Which pushes  Steve Tyler into full-on flirt-mode and makes his goggles steam up.

Steven Tyler wearing aviator goggles

Hottie at Twelve O'Clock, Dawg!

Even Seacrest had his moment of fun, making Jennifer walk up the stairs several times for a gratuitous ass-shot. And Tyler tells her it must be illegal to look that good.

But despite her bountiful curves, Jennifer disappointed the judges with a sub-par version of Jessica Simpson’s With You. Steven Tyler tells her that her voice “lacks some fire that your getup has”. Even a second-chance song choice – Hero by Mariah Carey fails to impress, leaving three stony-faced judges.

Randy Jackson, professional philosopher, muses that if she’d worn a red bikini she might’ve got through. Or maybe not, Randy.

by Gerard McGarry on January 23rd, 2012

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