Introducing: Canadian rockers Bella Clava

Ontario's Bella Clava

Bella Clava: We think the one with the mutton chops is a keeper, Caitlin

When you first encounter Bella Clava, your first thought is “why did nobody think of that before?” It’s a fantastic name for a band, and judging by the video for Food For Cannibals, a clever gimmick as well.

Ahem. Who are they? Hailing from Thunder Bay, Ontario, the Canadian four-piece are fronted by Caitlin Dacey. The dark-shirted dudes offering her flowers in the background of the photo are Steve Suttie (guitars, vocals),  Scott Hannigan (bass) and Zack Mykula (drums). Although not necessarily in that order. We like to think that Caitlin wears the trousers in the band and the guys have to make regular peace offerings to her.

Girlie-fronted rock band? Yeah, but we’d be loathe to liken them to any other girlie-fronted rock bands. Their music style varies dramatically from song to song. From the lo-fi punk pounding of Cannibals to Caitlin’s seductive purring on Bug. SnobsMusic’s review of the Holy Crow album even mentions psychedelic and industrial grind sounds being experimented with…in the same song!!! From what we’ve heard online, they’re definitely a band to watch.

What’s the buzz about them? Well, they’re building on the success of their ColdSpell EP. They toured Ireland in 2009 and they’ve rubbed shoulders with veteran Nirvana producer Steve Albini, appearing on an album called The Craic. Their first full-length studio album is Holy Crow and it’s out now.

Food For Cannibals


How to stalk Bella Clava on the Internet

They didn’t make it easy for us, but like all self-respecting bands, Bella Clava are on all your favourite social networks. Here’s our handy guide to stalking them online!

by Gerard McGarry on October 11th, 2011

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