How is Dexter going to end? Monkey In A Box discussion and a look ahead to the series finale!

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Things took a turn for the unfathomably dumb in last night’s penultimate episode of DexterMonkey In A Box edged us closer to the series finale by bringing our heroes to the brink of a new life before ripping that all away in the final few moments.

What did Monkey In A Box get right? Well, it established that Dexter has been slowly healing. We’ve seen in coming. His kill patterns have all but disappeared. He’s begun displaying emotions like a real boy. His protectiveness towards Vogel and Hannah suggest an attachment we’ve never seen before. And then of course there was that callback to how he used to use Rita as a cover to appear normal. Hell, even Hannah and Debra are getting along nicely despite once wanting each other dead.

So, with that in mind, all Dexter really has to do is get through one last kill and he and Hannah can have an idyllic life together. It seems Dexter’s Dark Passenger has vanished and his urge to kill gone. Despite having Saxon on his kill table, Dex bottles it at the last minute and decides to let the justice system have him instead. Now, this goes against all logic. Saxon can easily spill Dexter’s entire story and drag Hannah and Debra into the whole mess. Why not just kill him, avenge Vogel’s murder and start a new life in Argentina without any dark clouds hanging over his head?

Not only that, the almost comedic turn of events after Dexter leaves the abandoned hospital is ludicrous. State Marshall guy walks in, Saxon throws him a story about being captured, so State Marshall frees him and is rewarded with a knife in his chest. D’oh! Saxon quickly arms himself and then puts a bullet in Debra before backup can arrive. So, going into the finale, all we have to worry about are Elway (on the hunt for Hannah McKay) and Saxon, who will be on a quest for vengeance on Dexter.

Oh Hannah.

For a wanted fugitive, Hannah still hasn’t put any effort into changing her look. Willowy blonde woman with a penchant for wearing her hair down, flowery blouses and poisoning men is wanted for questioning. She might as well be wearing a t-shirt with her own WANTED poster on it. And now she’s hanging out at the airport. She might as well handcuff herself now.

Dexter: Yvonne Strahovsky in Do The Wrong Thing

Remember The Monsters?

As we head into the series finale, Remember The Monsters, last night’s preview gave us a few clues about what to expect. For a start, Debra’s injured. Dexter doesn’t know yet, but will he leave his sister when she’s in need? What we don’t know is how bad the injury is, but Quinn seems pretty pissed about it. Funnily enough, at the start of this season, I would have said Debra has a death wish, but she seems to have straightened out and she’s healing from her experiences in the same way Dexter has. Do you think Debs should die or have a profanity-laden life together with Quinn?

As for Saxon, Debra caught him with a shot in the arm, and he’s bleeding badly. Will he have the strength to launch a full-scale onslaught against Dexter, or will he box clever?

We see Dexter back in the police station. It’s unclear whether Hannah’s been caught – certainly Dexter confronts Elway at the airport, but does Elway catch Hannah? That remains to be seen. We do know that Dexter ends up in an interrogation room, and later on in a jail cell. But in the jail cell scene, the door appears to be opening, so perhaps it’s someone else in there with him? These teasers are so muddled at this point anything could be happening!

And of course, there’s a frantic car dash with Dexter driving solo down a highway. Will he escape? Will he be outsmarted by Saxon? Will he die? More importantly, how do you think this final series of Dexter should end?

by Gerard McGarry on September 16th, 2013

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