House returns to Princeton Plainsboro in ‘Transplant’

House MD - Transplant

Seriously, Chi, where'd the rest of the patient go?

It would be churlish to suggest that House’s ‘escape’ from prison was a tad far-fetched. But the Dean of Medicine at a hospital having the power to overturn a prison sentence? Stretching credibility a little bit…

Transplant sees House given a ‘get out of jail free’ card by none other than the new Dean Of Medicine at Princeton Plainsboro Hospital. And though the producers claimed it was going to be a big surprise, we weren’t exactly gathering our jaws up off the ground when we discovered it was Foreman.

And what is the totally tenacious reason that House is allowed to walk among the unsuspecting public again? Well, a pair of lungs needs an urgent diagnosis. They’re not attached to anything given that their previous owner has a case of…being dead.  But it’s a race against time for House to heal the lungs so they can be used to save a patient of Wilson’s.

What we loved: A continuation of last week’s theme – House being totally without friends. When he gets back to PPTH, he discovers his old office has been repurposed, his team moved on to other gigs and Foreman holds the key to his freedom. Oh, and there’s no welcome mat from Wilson, either. This is House totally without his mojo – the staff have pre-empted his old tricks and no-one’s particularly sympathetic towards him.

The new team member: Chi Park (played by Charlyne Yi) looks like an Asian version of Martha Masters from last season – submissive and docile…until she mentions that she punched an attending. Her punishment is to work with House. We need to see more from her, and the return of Jessica Adams from the Twenty Vicodin episode is tantalising. Do you think these two new characters hold their own or are they rehashes of Cameron, Thirteen and Martha (among others)?

That diagnosis? We don’t remember a case of House treating an isolated body part before. How gross was that set of lungs, inflating and deflating inside a cube? Trying to work out what killed their previous owner was quite a conundrum, but remarkably easily resolved in the end. But isn’t it always?

What we hated: The episode ended too cleanly. It was excellent that House wanted to be back in Wilson’s good graces – wasn’t it his only reason to save his patient in the end? However, long months of animosity were ended by Wilson simply punching House in the face. On one hand, the creators of the show tell us that he’s going to face the consequences of his actions, but even Wilson couldn’t stay mad at him for more than one episode!

We don’t understand: With the lungs healed and a successful transplant, what’s the reason to keep House free? Shouldn’t he be back behind bars for another four months?

My heart will go on: Let’s end on a high – House using the Titanic theme tune to serenade Wilson, as a tribute to their friendship, was a classic bit of House head-messing!

by Gerard McGarry on October 11th, 2011

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