Hawaii Five-O Season 3: ‘Olelo Ho’opa’I Make’ Review (Spoilers)

Olelo Ho'opa'i Make (Death Sentence)

Tonight was supposed to be a very special episode of Hawaii Five-0 but it failed to connect in our house for several reasons. First off, we didn’t get to see the whole episode!

In an attempt to capitalize on a football loving audience, CBS chose to air a new episode of Five-O after the AFC Championship Game. Like many sporting events, this one didn’t end on time, so the episode didn’t start until 16 minutes after the hour.

Unfortunately, I trusted my DVR to pick up the show (which aired at 7 pm here in California) and it cut off right at the height of the climax.

Luckily, I didn’t change the channel after the show ended so I was able to use my cable box to go back and catch the ending.

Unfortunately again, I waited too long and was only able to grab the last few minutes, so I missed a little in between. Very annoying.

Luckily again, I didn’t care for the episode, so missing part of it was no big deal.

The plot was pretty simple, but wholly unbelievable. Chin is abducted by the brother of Frank Delano (Delano was that corrupt cop that had Chin’s wife killed, then Chin killed him back in the season opener) who, instead of killing him outright, gets revenge by dropping Chin into Halawa prison.

The majority of the episode was Chin trying to escape with the help of frequent, weaselly bad guy Sang Min. He does take a moment to rescue a female, prison doctor who looks like she’ll be his new love interest.

Olelo Ho'opa'i Make (Death Sentence)

On the outside, we got Kono taking a candlelight bubble bath with Adam and then it was all guns a blazing as the team tried to locate and rescue Chin.

There was a lot of cool action at the end but it bothers me that the team drops in in the middle of a riot, saves only their man, the doc and Sang Min then hop right out again. Meanwhile, the prisoners are killing the guards and probably other civilian workers, but apparently, they don’t matter.

“Olelo Ho’opa’I Make” felt like an attempt to recreate the classic episode “The Box,” where McGarrett is held hostage by Big Chicken (Gavin McCloud) after a prison riot. Sadly, this episode didn’t come close to matching the tension and high drama of the original.

This episode was also special because it contained  seven never-before-released Jimi Hendrix recordings; “Bleeding Heart,” “Mojo Man,” “Hey Gypsy Boy,” “Inside Out,” “Crash Landing,” “Hear My Train A Comin'” and “Somewhere.” I’m sure there are Hendrix fans out there who got a kick out of hearing the songs, but honestly, they didn’t stand out to me.

What did you think of this episode? A hit or a miss?

by Cynthia Boris on January 21st, 2013

Cynthia is a TV fanatic who turned her obsession into a living when she became an entertainment reporter. She loves all kinds of TV but has a special place in her heart for brother shows and anything paranormal. Follow her on Twitter @TV_ofthe_Absurd and on Google+


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