Hawaii Five-O My! Star Trek’s George Takei Guests

Look who’s guesting on Hawaii Five-O! Star Trek’s own Mr. Sulu, George Takei.

George will be playing Chin’s Uncle Choi and he’ll be lending a hand when the team searches for a missing man in the backwoods of Oahu.

This is actually George’s second time on the series – sort of. He guested on the original series in an episode called “Death’s Name is Sam.” That episode aired Oct 10, 1975.

Here he is sporting a cool, seventies mustache.

In that episode, he played a police officer who has to impersonate a man who committed suicide in order to stop the assassination of an exiled political leader. His new character is not in anyway related to the original series character, it’s just a fun casting coup.

What do you suppose old Uncle is up to here. . . .?

Back in 2008, Takei had an arc on Heroes playing the father of current Five-O supporting cast member Masi Oka. He also appeared in the 2012 season of Celebrity Apprentice but sadly didn’t do very well.

“Kahu” airs Monday, Dec. 17 at 10:00 on CBS.

In a weird, semi-related story. The Five-O team have been asked to evacuate their current location so it can be turned into a condominium complex! (Hear that Alex O’Loughlin fans – you’ll soon be able to sleep in the same space he occupied for two years.)

Lucky for them, Last Resort was canceled so they won’t be needing their Diamond Head studio after the show wraps in two episodes. Plans haven’t been firmed up but Pacific Business News thinks it’s likely that Five-O will take over Resorts digs.

Can you imagine what it’s going to take to tear down all those office sets and move them along with the entire production team to a new location? Of course, all of this is contingent on the show getting another season pick-up but considering the ratings, it’s very likely.

In the last few weeks, Hawaii Five-O has been doing very well, even pulling in a season high recently. Castle, on the other hand, hit a series low which could mean that story is coming to an end.

by Cynthia Boris on December 6th, 2012

Cynthia is a TV fanatic who turned her obsession into a living when she became an entertainment reporter. She loves all kinds of TV but has a special place in her heart for brother shows and anything paranormal. Follow her on Twitter @TV_ofthe_Absurd and on Google+


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