Gossip Girl Does Thanksgiving in December?

Last week, we were talking about how holiday episodes can be awkward. It doesn’t get more awkward that this, a Gossip Girl Thanksgiving in December.

Serena and Dan are throwing their first Thanksgiving bash and everyone’s invited. Bad move there but you know how it goes during the holidays — all that smiling and air kissing and pretending you care about the people sitting next to you.

Rumor has it that Chuck is going to hit the skids and Blair will have to sponsor and intervention and quick! Also, we’ll learn more about Dan’s latest expose. It could be a career maker but if he publishes it, it also could mean the end of his friendship with several people.

I wonder what these two are discussing? Anyone care to take a shot at captioning this one? Let’s finish this up with a little Sage and Nate.

The episode is called “It’s Really Complicated,” which sounds about right for a holiday gathering on Gossip Girl and it airs December 3 on The CW.

How are you feeling about Gossip Girl so far this season? A home run or has this show run its course?

by Cynthia Boris on November 19th, 2012

Cynthia is a TV fanatic who turned her obsession into a living when she became an entertainment reporter. She loves all kinds of TV but has a special place in her heart for brother shows and anything paranormal. Follow her on Twitter @TV_ofthe_Absurd and on Google+

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