Fringe Season 5: Walter Bishop is a wanted man! #TrustTheTapes

Fringe: Walter Bishop is wanted for questioning by the Observers

The other day it was Astrid, today the Observers are on the lookout for mad scientist Walter Bishop in another of the Fringe Season 5 teaser videos.

For those of you who aren’t in the loop, the fifth and final season of Fringe starts on Friday, and it’s set in a dystopian future where the mysterious Observers – a creepy version of humanity from Earth’s ruined future – have taken over control of the planet. The season will leap forward to the year 2036, as featured in last year’s Letters Of Transit episode, where the Fringe team we know and love will be blasted out of their amber cocoons and into a harsh new reality.

We’ve seen so far that the Observers use propaganda-style videos to pass messages to their human underlings. But in the last week, the videos have been targeted at individuals from the Fringe team. It started with timid scientist Astrid Farnsworth, but continues today to include Walter Bishop (John Noble).

And as with the other videos, there’s interference from people we assume to be the rebellion: using the Observers’ own announcements to subliminally influence the public to fight back. The messages from the Astrid video are repeated here: “Take back America” and “Is this the American way?” This video also introduces a strange backward message – the hashtag #TrustTheTapes is visible above a line saying “Have you seen this individual?”

Just like with the Astrid video, there’s a human voice trying to break through, but the message is harbled. It’s almost certainly Peter Bishop’s (Joshua Jackson) voice, but I now have a sneaking suspicion that the audio is backward. Does anyone have the Audacity skills to reverse the sound clip? Let me know if you do…

by Gerard McGarry on September 26th, 2012

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  1. Dave says:

    It’s hard to pick out cleanly. It sounds like “[something] the world.” The first word might be “save” or “face.”

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