Fringe: The Human Kind spoiler videos and photos released

Fringe: Winmark (Michael Kopsa) tracks down Peter

Fringe returns on Friday night with The Human Kind, and episode in which the question of “Just how human is Peter Bishop these days?” is sure to be raised. We previous told you a little bit about the episode (and guest star Jill Scott), but today we’ve got some photos from the episode and teaser videos!

Olivia (Anna Torv) meets Simone in Fringe: The Human KindFirst up, it looks like Olivia will be resuming the sadistic hunt for Walter’s Observer-defeating artefacts. If we’re honest, this is the part of Season 5 that’s disappointed us the most. I think most devoted Fringies were hoping for an epic storyline, not a fiddly, contrived treasure hunt lasting all season long.

But enough bellyaching. It’s too late to change that now, obviously. What we know is that Walter and Astrid uncover yet another grainy, slightly-warped video and Olivia goes on a mission to find a huge electromagnet for whatever reason Walter needed it in the past. This takes her out into a forested area where she meets Simone (guest star Jill Scott). The thing is, Simone is definitely giving off a creepy vibe. She tells Olivia that they’ve been waiting for her for a long time…except what she seems to mean is that someone was supposed to collect the electromagnet a long time ago.

Peter (Joshua jackson) in Fringe: The Human Kind

Anyone else get the impression that there are characters who’ve played a part in Walter’s story that we don’t know about? In those last days before they ambered themselves, Walter seems to have fraternised with a load of strangers completely unconnected to Peter and Olivia. Which, considering he spent a lot of his time exclusively at Harvard, is a strange thing. I hope that gets explained.

Olivia knows. After becoming suspicious about Peter’s skulking about and generally being secretive, Olivia now seems to know about Peter’s implant. In one of the teaser videos below, we see her talking to Anil about Peter. Anil has brought one of the implants to Olivia and they’re seen pondering how the implant is activated. The question is, does Olivia want to see how the tech can be safely removed from Peter, or does she want to implant it in someone else?

Fringe: Peter faces off against WindmarkPeter faces off against Windmark. This promises to be a battle of epic proportions. According to the photos, Peter and Windmark will meet up in an abandoned building. To be fair, most of the buildings in this dystopian future seem to be abandoned. The running theme of Peter’s altercations with the Observers is “You don’t know what you think you know.” We expect a fair bit more of this from Windmark, either as an attempt to persuade Peter to stop interfering with them, or just to fill a bit of screen time. The end result, however, will be a fight scene worth watching.

What’s currently so frustrating about Fringe in Season 5 is that there’s clearly a lot that we don’t know. You get the feeling that so much information has been lost in the years that Peter, Olivia, and all have been encased in amber. They don’t know what Walter was planning all those years ago. And they don’t really know how the Observers are working. Remember the transports that Peter and Anil thought they were blocking back in An Origin Story? There’s clearly a lot more to this situation than meets the eye.

Hopefully in the next few episodes, we’ll begin to get the answers we need. In the meantime…trailers!

by Gerard McGarry on December 6th, 2012

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