Fringe, Season 5 Teaser Poster shows sinister Observers

Fringe Season 5: Observer teaser poster

Fox have dropped this quite sinister teaser poster for the fifth season of Fringe  - which simply shows a trio of those hat-wearing menaces, The Observers. And the strapline, They Are Coming.

This would seem to be a fairly solid indication that the Observers will be the focal point of the fifth and final season. And that the events of Letters In Transit will come to fruition – the Observers will cease their observing and start to take a direct hand in ruling the people of Earth like human cattle.

It’s an interesting concept though, and one that probably bears thinking about in a little more depth. For example:

  1. What triggers the Observers to suddenly chose to intervene? We’ve seen them stay out of human affairs for four seasons, with the notable exception of September, who helps Walter Bishop to save Peter, but ends up working constantly to undo the ripple effect his meddling has caused. We even saw a group of other Observers trying to apprehend September, fearing he’d gone off the rails. I’m very interested to see what pushes the Observers into seizing control of the human race.
  2. What’s their goal? Kind of linked to the above, I’m wondering what the endgame would be for a race of Observers. Depending on how they came to power, do they simply want to rule over the human race, or do they have other reasons for taking control? Have the Observers always been secretly working toward this endpoint, or are they rising up after September broke rank to help the Bishops?

Anyway, it seems like much of the action in this final season of Fringe will take place in the future, with the Fringe team acting outside the law to bring down their Observer Oppressors. And, as we reported before, Olivia and Peter’s grown-up daughter may end up fighting shoulder to shoulder with her parents in this final season of the show.

Oh yeah, the final beautiful detail of the poster is when the new season begins. Rather fttingly, it’s in September. I know the dedicated Fringies are going to love that.

by Gerard McGarry on July 1st, 2012

Gerard is the founder and editor of Unreality TV. He writes about TV dramas as well as reality TV talent shows and is obsessed by sci-fi and Doctor Who. Follow him on Twitter @gerrybot or Google+

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