Fringe Season 5 scoop: John Noble teases futuristic storyline and Jeff Pinkner drops out as showrunner

John Noble as Fringe's Walter BishopTwo rather large pieces of Fringe season 5 gossip for you today, folks: John Noble has dropped hints that the fifth season will take place in the future, while co-showrunner Jeff Pinkner is leaving to concentrate on other projects.

First up, mad scientist John Noble has spoken about the setting for Season 5, saying it will most likely involve a time-jump to the year 2036. Since you’re all rabid Fringe-fans, you’ll already know that 2036 was featured in last season’s Letters Of Transit, depicting a world in which rogue Observers have stopped observing and taken control of the human race.

Talking to TVLine, Noble said:

As far as I know, we’re just jumping ahead [to 2036]. Walter, Olivia, Astrid and Peter are insurgents, so we know all the dirty tricks that have been played against us. We’ll be learning from the past.

And just in case you’re wondering where Olivia Dunham is in this futuristic dystopia (there were hints that Olivia is dead in 2036), Noble has said that there’s a wonderful mother and daughter reunion scene between Anna Torv and Georgina Haig who plays her grown-up daughter Etta. So, after seasons of reality-hopping fun, we can look forward to the Fringe team reunited, but in an alien, hostile future Earth where they (presumably) have to end the rule of the Observers.

In a further teaser for his own character’s plans, Noble is adamant that Walter Bishop needs to find redemption before the final curtain falls on Fringe. He says:

Walter is the man who started this, so there has to be resolution. There has to be redemption. We  also have to see the final maturing of the relationship between Peter and Olivia, because it has been so difficult for them and we want them so much to be with each other.

Pinkner moves on to new projects

News broke last night that Jeff Pinkner, one part of the Fringe showrunning team with J.H. Wyman, will not be returning to the show this year. As this is the final season of Fringe, it’s understandable that some of the crew will want to move on to pastures new. But I think fans of the show will be a little sad that one of the creative team won’t be there for the final episodes of the show.

The show’s co-creator J.J. Abrams paid tribute to Pinkner’s contribution to Fringe:

For four years, J.H. Wyman and Jeff Pinkner have worked tirelessly as a team to keep all the worlds in order onFringe. We’re thankful for the invaluable contributions Jeff has made to the show and of course wish him well and look forward to working together in the future. J.H. Wyman’s importance toFringe cannot be overstated, however, and I’m thrilled that he will continue as showrunner for the concluding chapters of our story. We can’t wait for our fans to see what we have in store for them in the wild conclusion of Fringe.

And finally, the title of the first Season 5 episode has been released. J.H. Wyman tweeted a picture of the cover of the script yesterday, showing the title Transilience Thought Unifier Model-11. Whatever the hell that means…

Excited for Season 5, folks?

by Gerard McGarry on June 20th, 2012

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