Drew Ryniewicz sings Coldplay's 'Fix You' on X Factor USA

Drew Ryniewicz - X Factor contestantX Factor’s Drew Ryniewicz got some harsh criticism from L.A. Reid on the show last night for her performance of Coldplay’s Fix You.

The song itself was perfectly suited to Drew’s unique warbly voice. And we don’t mean “warbly” in a sarcastic way as we usually do – Drew has a tenderness in her voice that’s beautiful to listen to, given the right song choice. That’s not to say it was a perfect performance – at the climax of the song, you could hear Drew’s voice starting to strain under the higher notes.

In terms of styling, Drew wasn’t so lucky: she had bright pink and blue streaks running through her hair and a rather ridiculous dress made from various rags. We speculate that they were offcuts of all the other contestants’ outfits from tonight.

However, Drew’s biggest criticism came from L.A. Reid, who accused her of sounding samey. It was fair comment, too. Because when we heard that she was singing Fix You, our first reaction was “didn’t she sing that last week”? Reid said

First of all, I have to say that was really good. You were really good last week, you were really good the week before. But I don’t know the difference between the three performance. I don’t know if that was the same song from last week. It’s kinda the same for me. I need some diversity from you…

It always feels unfair when a good singer gets slated. But we think L.A. has a point about Drew’s performances sounding the same. On one hand, it’s not a bad thing per se – it shows that she’s consistent and that she’s got a distinct style. The real problem is picking out a standout performance when everything sounds the same. What Simon Cowell needs to do is pick a few songs that show Drew isn’t a one-trick, Dido-esque pony and that she can tackle a wider range of material.

To finish on a positive note, Drew’s vocals are beautiful to listen to, and we’re big fans here on Unreality TV! Well done, Drew, and we’re looking forward to hearing from you next week!

Paula’s fashion faux pas! Worth noting that Paula Abdul attacked Simon’s styling of Drew, only to be told that young Miss Ryniewicz had designed the dress herself. It looked like Paula was ready to drop through the floor with embarrassment! Still, at least she was being honest – Simon displayed one of his rules of judging though, when he snapped at her “Well, don’t be honest!”

by Gerard McGarry on November 10th, 2011

Gerard is the founder and editor of Unreality TV. He writes about TV dramas as well as reality TV talent shows and is obsessed by sci-fi and Doctor Who. Follow him on Twitter @gerrybot or Google+

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3 thoughts on “Drew Ryniewicz sings Coldplay's 'Fix You' on X Factor USA

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  2. V says:

    I absolutely love drew.. her voice brings me to tears and to be honest.. what she wears does not even cross my eyes, her voice is that amazing!!

  3. ezeddy2 says:

    Well@ L.A. Reid. You want somebody to show some diversity? How about you try one of your own guys. Lets see Astro or Chris try singing for a change and see how that works out for you.

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