Dexter Season 8 spoilers: Charlotte Rampling teases her psychopath whisperer and a “bereavement” for fans.

Charlotte Rampling as Vogel

Last week, we introduced you to the new character from Dexter Season 8, Evelyn Vogel, played by Charlotte Rampling. It seems like she is going to be the main character in the development of how the series is going to end. As quoted in the promo below, Vogel is going to be the one who ‘changes everything’.

As avid fans will already know, Evelyn Vogel is a neuropsychologist, nicknamed the ‘psychopath whisperer’, who has devoted her life to finding psychopaths and learning about them. From the promo below, it looks like it doesn’t take too long before she has seen right through Dexter, take a look for yourself:

Dexter Season 8 PosterThis promo makes me very excited for the new season, which is only a month away now. Michael C. Hall, who plays the clingfilm-weilding killer, indicates that she is ‘interesting to have come into Dexter’s orbit’. This implies that he is going to need to be on his toes from the very beginning of the season! I think he knows that she is not someone to be messed with. We haven’t seen Dexter really scared before, but in this promo, for nearly every shot, he looks terrified. He doesn’t know how to take her at all.

What’s really revealing in this teaser is Vogel’s monologue at the beginning. It’s actually quite chilling and give us some insights into her “psychopath whisperer” role:

Psychopaths are not a mistake of nature. They’re a gift. They’re alpha wolves, who help the human race survive long enough to become civilised.

Does that sound like the words of someone who finds serial killer horrific? As a longtime Dexter fan, it feels like Vogel herself may be more attuned to psychopaths – maybe because she is one herself? In the early seasons of the show, Dexter stunned Debra with his ability to empathise with killers and understand their motivations. The same thing is happening on the NBC series, Hannibal. Could it be that Vogel has seen Dexter as a kindred spirit?

(Also, as a complete aside: if we follow that theory through, is it possible that Vogel herself is responsible for the new series of killings in Miami? Follow the evidence: she’s recently returned, which co-incides with the new kill pattern. The victims as we discussed in our Season 8 spoilers post have the backs of their skulls opened and part of the brain removed. Vogel is a neuropsycologist, so she’s got a specific interest in the brain. This could be explosive…but only if I’m right. It’s just a theory!)

Charlotte Rampling states that Vogel has needed to ‘reveal a lot of things to Dexter’, which leads me to believe that she isn’t going to make a secret of the fact that she might be onto him and his dark passenger.

Now, here is the big spoiler – Rampling implies that things aren’t going to end well for Dexter and that we may be left with a feeling of grief – ‘Fans, they are going to feel very bereaved at the end, I think’. Of course, this could mean anything, it could just mean that we will miss the show, but I think her choice of words is directly related to the final episode.

The final season of Dexter will begin on June 30th.

Let me know what you think in the comment box down below – Do you think Rampling is implying Dexter is going to meet a grisly end, or do you think she means someone else? What do you think will happen?

by Staff Writer on May 30th, 2013

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2 thoughts on “Dexter Season 8 spoilers: Charlotte Rampling teases her psychopath whisperer and a “bereavement” for fans.

  1. Sheila Isaac says:

    It could probably mean that both main characters (Dexter and Debra) could die at the end. It would be more grieving if one of the character, by despair, would kill the other one in order to bring that person with him/her in his/her suicide. But, as for Vogel, I would not be surprise that she’s been using Dexter as a cobaye, since he was a little boy. According to some spoilers, she help to develop Harry’s code so, I think that from there, she studied his every move all through theese years with out blowing his cover so she could develop her theory on psychopaths even further.

    1. Sheila Isaac says:

      Because lets face it, Dexter is not the typical kind of serial killer and for that, any psycho-analyst studying psychos would be interesting to examine hi case closely.

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