Dexter, final season spoilers! Will Dexter walk away in ‘Monkey In A Box’?

Dexter bathed in blood

Next week sees the penultimate episode in the final season of DexterMonkey In A Box will see Dexter having to make the difficult decision whether to walk away from his serial killer grudge match with Saxon or stay and risk his family’s safety. Spoilers beyond this point – especially if you haven’t seen the latest episode yet!

Before we get started, I’ve read a fair amount of criticism of this final season of Dexter. Reddit, Twitter, Facebook are all furiously debating the demise of this once-great series. Many commenters are saying that they’re only continuing to watch just for a sense of closure, but that the series itself has become deeply unsatisfying.

Personally, I have mixed feelings on the subject. This season definitely feels as if it’s half-improvised, and some of the twists and turns in the story have been deeply implausible, even for this show. (For instance – how much less effort could wanted fugitive Hannah have made to change her appearance in Miami? Hair dye? A wig? Different style of clothing?) However, I have really enjoyed the strange morphing of Dexter from being a serial killer into a ‘real boy’, with feelings and genuine emotions.

Let’s face it, since Evelyn Vogel appeared on the scene, it’s reinforced the fact that Dexter was told he was a psychopath from day one. The underlying theme of this season is that Dexter may have been pushed in that direction from an early age based on a misdiagnosis from Harry and Vogel. And the more he comes to terms with that, the closer he is to leading a ‘normal’ life. Even Harry pointed out in the latest episode that it’s been a long time since Dexter has killed and even longer since he kept to his kill ritual. That alone signifies that his patterns are breaking down.

As the series nears its finale, the stakes have been raised – Goodbye Miami ended with Saxon slitting Vogel’s throat when she tried to hand him over to Dexter. This will lead to a definite feeling of failure on Dexter’s part, and so he’ll be more torn than ever between leaving Miami forever and staying to finish Saxon. (Those moments as Dexter held a dying Vogel were powerful, weren’t they? Excellent work from Michael C. Hall.)

In this clip for Monkey In A Box, Saxon poses as an apartment hunter in order to force a conversation with Dexter. He warns him to back off and makes a subtle threat toward Dexter’s loved ones. Worse still, there’s a storm headed for Miami which threatens to cut off Dexter’s escape route to Argentina. It looks like Dexter will stay to fight, but what danger does that put Hannah, Debs or Harrison in? Could it be that one of these three will end up with a huge scoop taken out of their brains before the show ends?

by Gerard McGarry on September 9th, 2013

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4 thoughts on “Dexter, final season spoilers! Will Dexter walk away in ‘Monkey In A Box’?

  1. BigPerm says:

    I am convinced after dissecting the next preview that.

    Deb and Dex capture Saxon and tie him up with a gag for the police to find. The evidence will be there convicting Saxon of Zach Hamiltons death.

    However the marshal finds Saxon first and frees him thinking he’s an innocent. Saxon kills the marshal, and then Deb leaving people crushed because the HAD HIM.

    1. Ryan says:

      You didn’t dissect that from the preview, you read the spoilers. Good try though.

      1. BigPerm says:

        Wrong Ry-Guy

        At 41 secs and 42 secs of the preview the story is told.

        Found it on my own and posted it on the dexter message board.

        Don’t accuse.

      2. James says:

        That’s the same impression I got from the previews. If you pause the video at the right time, you’ll see the marshal find Saxon bound to a chair like his victims. Then a few shots later, Saxon is unbound and raising a gun at someone. It can only be the marshal.

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