Jennifer Carpenter hopes her character Debra will die in the Dexter finale!

Jennifer Carpenter and Michael C Hall in Dexter

Dexter’s Jennifer Carpenter wants to see at least one major character die before the series ends this year: and you’ll be surprised when you discover who!

The actress, who has played Debra Morgan, the sister and one-time love interest of Dexter Morgan on the show for eight seasons wants her own character to die before the season ends! Carpenter recently told Entertainment Weekly:

I want the character to die. Every actor has to shed their character, shake the ghost off. For my own well-being, I need this story to have an ending.

And to be fair, every since Debra was brought in on Dexter’s serial-slaughtering secret, her life has spiraled completely out of control. As an ambitious detective, from a police family, Debra has lived and breathed law enforcement, so covering up and even being complicit in Dexter’s killings has caused her major turmoil. She’s struggled to come to terms with the fact that her brother is a killer, and she’s gone against her instincts by helping him.

At the end of Season 7, Debra’s journey went down a much darker path when she shot and killed Maria LaGuerta, who was on the verge of completely exposing Dexter. However, faced with a choice to shoot her brother or her superior, Debra killed LaGuerta. And it’s been clear from the Season 8 teaser trailers that Debra will start the final season struggling with the weight of what she’s done.

Showrunner Scott Buck has teased that Debra will be treading a much darker path this season. He says:

We’ll see an even darker side to Debra this year — I don’t know if you can go much darker than killing LaGuerta — but we’ll see how that has affected her and we’ll see a different side to her than before.

If Debra does get killed off – and that’s a big if – it’ll almost certainly mean that the rumoured Deb Morgan spin-off series (Deb Morgan, P.I.? Debra Morgan: Psychopath Hunter?) won’t happen. But then Carpenter has talked about “shaking the ghost” of her character off, so it sounds very much like she she’s already planning to move on from the character.

But Debra Morgan: Psychopath Hunter sounds like a pretty awesome prospect, right?


by Gerard McGarry on June 10th, 2013

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