Country teen Danielle Bradbery scores with Mean on The Voice

Danielle Bradbery auditions for The Voice

One of last night’s The Voice auditions that is absolutely worth rewatching was Danielle Bradbery’s rendition of Mean. The teenager from Cypress, Texas took the stage for blind auditions, but started out a little wobbly.

Now, Danielle presented beautifully. She looked stunning and was really tastefully dressed. But her early verse in the song was marred by nerves. You could hear it in her voice. But then something incredible happened – she started to pull it together, and you could almost feel her confidence increase as the performance got better. From a weak beginning, Danielle turned the audition around.

We LOVED how her family went nuts backstage when Usher and Blake Shelton turned their chairs around for her! And right before the end of the audition, Adam Levine managed to jump into the game too. Interestingly, Shakira seems to be the most choosy of the coaches so far. You can see her weighing up the performance and simply deciding to hang back. We’d love to know what her criteria is!

  • Blake Shelton: Your pitch is amazing.
  • Adam Levine: You’re so young and the fact that you’re so good already. I can’t believe how incredible you sound for a 16 year old that’s never done this before ever. You sang a Taylor Swift song. I do believe that Taylor Swift is not primarily a country artist.
  • Usher: This may seem like an obvious play for me to speak of Justin Bieber when I’m sitting here. I’m not promising that you’ll be at every concert and every award show…actually, he’s in the back… You did an incredible job with the song. I mean, he’s an expert in the world of country (Blake) and I just want to do something that’s gonna shock the world. You have the talent and we could win together.

Usher manages to blunder when he describes Nashville as a state (it’s a city – or a state of mind). I couldn’t stop laughing at this bit! Hilarious!

In the end, whose team did Danielle decide to go with? Brilliantly, despite the bribery of a chance to meet Justin Bieber, Danielle ignores Usher’s kind offer and goes with Blake. For a country artist it’s absolutely the right choice.

by Gerard McGarry on March 26th, 2013

Gerard is the founder and editor of Unreality TV. He writes about TV dramas as well as reality TV talent shows and is obsessed by sci-fi and Doctor Who. Follow him on Twitter @gerrybot or Google+

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  1. RC says:

    She is def. better than a certain other country singer that was on Blakes team :P. I liked her. Idk why though all I could think of was how she sorta reminded me of the actress who played jane in the brady bunch movie back in the late 90s i think was… lol.

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